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Japanese carrier to test smell-o-vision phone kit



Umm, since tons o' people carry their phones in their back pockets....don't they already have smell'o'vision?

One of the reasons I only use flip phones....don't need the mike filling up w/ my beanie dinner waffs.....then putting my mouth there...

Final beta of Firefox 3 available now


Waiting final release....Wish Opera worked

Just started using FF in the last 6 or so months....sure enjoy it.

Tried IE again and realized just how much I hated it and opera still doesn't work on some sites I goto.....such as searching for a home on realtor.com......

I'm looking forward to adblock and pagezoom IF/when they work well. Pagezoom didn't work on the first beta I tried so will wait for awhile like others for the bugs to be worked out...


Sony Ericsson Walkman W890i mobile phone


Still waiting for CDMA

I don't have a choice but cdma here.... only Alltel and uscellular work. Sure wish S-E would make one. I like the battery life and walkman sound... oh and I wish it were a flip phone....I don't like the idea of putting my mouth near the mic that's been sitting that close to my bum all day....especially after a big pot 'o beans...

Text-to-pee service launched


Bad Bad Bad

Just using myself as an example:

After moving it took an act of God to get out of our contracts w/o the early termination fee....(old service not available here)

Only 2 cell companies here and I don't like either company, us cellular and alltel.

Right now I'm also being somewhat of a tightwad, just don't feel like spending $80 per month on a stupid cell phone. It's really nice not being able to be found 24/7. Also I won't sign a 2 year contract we never did before.

And another point in my case. We ALWAYS had text messaging disabled on our accounts. We had some dirty spam messages come through so since then just had the service turned off. I don't even remember how to text. You know what? I like it that way. We actually visit with each other uninterrupted....

If you really have to poo or are sick I guess your just SOL???

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