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Great Aussie firewall claims first victim

Black Helicopters

CP Poster Child

It hurts my brain to think of the number of times CP is held up as the justification for govt to do whatever the hell they want

how about instead of enforcing $AU11000 /day fines on the hosting company if they dont remove a link to banned content - whatever it may be - actually do some law enforcement.

removing a link to genuine CP wont prevent that child from being abused. do some goddamned police work and catch the f***ers.

maybe its too much work - much easier to ban the link.

dont worry about what one whirlpool user referred to as 'internet censorship scope creep' where you move from banning images (and links to images) of late term abortions to banning wikileaks (and links to wikileaks) because they publish the website blacklist of another country.

that looks like distinct scope creep from RC to political

please someone think of the children and hack the ACMA site, put this link (objectionable content):


on their front page then submit the ACMA website to the blacklist for hosting a link to objectionable content.


i hear the AFP black choppers now - i need to move to europe.

Blizzard awarded $6m in WoW bot case

Dead Vulture

mixed feelings

posting as a reformed WoW (crack) addict, I know that bots were one of the reasons i stopped playing, being out farming for a couple of hours when your shit is constantly being ninja'd by a 'chinese farmer'.

conversely, i had long entertained the desire to get glider because (more reasons for quitting) I became tired of spending hours/days/weeks farming for stuff when i could hear my guildies on vent running through dungeons and raids having a blast.

i do find it unfortunate that this dude made nowhere near the money that this ruling is insisting he cough up, but i suppose that is the way it goes. Blizz sure don't need his 6 mill. lets hope he can settle for far less.

Blizzard has millions (billions i suppose in the long term..?) on the line if everyone up and left because of these kind of issues, so using their not-insubstantial legal muscle to 'sending a message' to bot creators is one thing they can do to protect their investment.

dont know what they can do about manual gold farming sweatshops...

doesn't add too much to the intellectual pool but hey, if i was an intellectual giant would i be working in a call centre?

gravestone for poor little M-Donnelly and his merry men.

Do you know how much of your porn is extreme?



so your internet cache tolls the bells of your doom.

youre browsing some non-extreme porno just because you like the aesthetic... you wouldnt be touching yourself...

suddenly something extreme comes along... you know its illegal as soon as you see it, but you're already fucked!

the image is on your computer now and unless you can find that particular track and sector on your physical hard disk and DoD wipe it then smash your HDD and drill holes in it so it cant be recovered, youre in the nick in no time. or youre shipped out to australia like yours and my ancestors.

the end of the world is nigh.

Aussies deploy bovine facial recognition


Why? Cost/Benefit

I currently live in Brisbane and we have been at level6 water restrictions for a couple of years because of drought. The rest of the state west of the mountains (great dividing range) has been a lot worse off.

The point of such a device is not to save costs on water, but to avoid what scant water is out there being consumed by feral animals rather than your herd.

At $10k (what, 4000GBP?) all you need to do is prevent the death of 10 of your herd of 1000 cows and the investment has paid itself off. Cost/Benefit is pretty clear.

Scientists warn on climatic 'tipping points'





EU to ban the patio heaters that ate the planet. Not.


no heaters

i think this article is deliberately avoiding the point.

yes gas and movement sensitive patio heaters would be efficient for their stated purpose.

perhaps consider if they should be in use at all. beign a member of your convict subsidiary in Australia, we very rarely have need for these things, but i dare say the goal is to remove the heaters because heating outside is counter to energy saving measures.

im sure i am not the only one to see this as there are loads of responses above which likely say the same thing

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