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JPG hole cuts RAZR open

Ellen Carlsen

I got what I deserved...

I bought a V3i when the whole world did.

I followed the flock like a sheep...

I thought it looked good - my first phone with a colour screen and I thought I'd listen to MP3. Then I used it. I still like the clamshell design, but otherwise it's a case of style winning over substance.

Sometimes I suppose you just get what you deserve! ;-)


when you get a new mobile I guess you have to decide how you want to pay for it. Up front in one lump sum, on credit or 'subsidised' by a contract. I don't know which option is the cheapest!


Pod slurping licks a*se antlers to claim Oz word of the year

Ellen Carlsen

Epileptic ?

If you're really going to be politically correct about using the word brainstorming....

I'm not an Epileptic, I am a person with epilepsy :-)

Everyone who's opinion I've heard and has epilepsy isn't insulted by brainstorming. It's a fairly good description of what's going on in my brain when I have a tonic clonic siezure after all LOL

to be even more pedantic - epileptic describes a type of seizure. I'm not a siezure! I have a continuing tendancy to have epileptic seizures (There are other types!) so I have epilepsy.


Soapbox alert, and nothing to do with slurping!


I dribble when I have a TC so maybe it DOES involve slurping :-(

From 'I am going to educate the world about Epilepsy if it kills them. Of boredom'.



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