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Sites downed by 1&1 web outage

Brian O'Neill

Dual Hosting

I am curious about how their new dual hosting product worked out, did it survive the downtime?


It mirrors your site in two locations.

Can any dual host users let us know?

Brussels: Old-school lightbulbs to be gone by 2012

Brian O'Neill

Let there be (rubbish light)

I like to hug trees as much as the next guy, but i tried replacing my normal bulbs with the energy efficient fellas, and to be frank the light quality is terrible. Its dull and harsh.

I know the qualify will approve over time, but i imagine this is the main reason people do not like them.

Google picks up third spot in spam-friendly shame list

Brian O'Neill

bizarre that google does not sort this out...

gmail has the best spam filter i have ever had, i route all my email thru it. I find it incredible that google does not do more to stop these spammers. One side of google is busy blocking spam, while the other side is turning a blind eye to it. Right does not know what the left hand is doing and other cliches...

Capita gets £60m deal to merge NHS websites

Brian O'Neill

for once i am speechless...

60 million for a website? What??

How the hell can it cost that much? In public sector IT are numbers pulled at random?

Amazon buys into Lovefilm

Brian O'Neill

Well I love film...

I have been with lovefilm from the start and think they have a great service. I am able to get through up to 20 dvds a month, so the service is a bargain for me.

I know prefer to watch dvd's than most TV.


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