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Brown ignores scientists and pushes pot reclassification


If it was really about...

the strength of cannabis being the main reason for reclassification. Surely it would make more sense to make cannabis of less than 10% THC (or some more scientific arbitrary percentage) semi-legalised, thus encouraging people to use the less strong stuff. Allowing a personal quota of six plants per household will reduce the drug dealer link, and may even help the housing crisis - think of all those houses being used as urban drug factories actually being used to house people.

BOFH: Carbon neutrality


Other metals

If it's so much easier to create a mine, dig up the ore, refine it, transport it accross half the planet, and throw it away - why do people go through the bother of recycling lead from a church roof?

Random statistic: Manufacturing a computer chip uses 80% of the energy used in its lifetime.

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