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Elonex £99 Eee PC rival to arrive in June

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You have try them both

Its like buying a car, you need to get inside them both and drive them for a bit for see what they are like.

Me, well I like the Elonex girl somewhat - whan to see her with her kit off - as for the other one - if PhotoShop is involved, she might be 80 years, toothless and a midget !!!!!

And the Laptop/PDA/Mobile phone thingy - for £99 its going to be crap - 300Mhz CPU (or whatever its got tucked away inside) If you tried XP on that, never mind Vista, well I supose, Windows starting in about 5 hours time would be different - oh bugger the battery only lasts 4 hours...............

The specs are a joke.


AMD Phenom 9500 processor

E Edwards

Upgrading from Athlon XP3200 - Is AMD any good nowadays?

Hi I have had and still got my trusty Athlon XP 3200 that I have used for virtually everything for the past few years, but a recent mainboard failure (Soltek Nforce 2 400 ultra type) left me finding replacements hard to find. I found only on'new' or unused Nforce 2 400 mobo on sale on Ebay which I was lucky to win - or daft enough to bid high enough for!

Anyways I decided that its time to move game playing from the XP machine and build a new one.

But reading reviews and so on its not clear whats any good these days. Intel or AMD, but whats bugging me is the AMD seem to swap sockets after only a brief time - one socket seems to be just a partial change to yet another. I think that phrase 'Futureproof' must be some joke!

What I'm considering is a small form case MATX mobo, single HD (sata), graphics card (doh), sound card, memory 2 -4 gb,one dvd rom/writer. Inshort this machine is for games only and the more serious stuff I'm leaving to my newly repaired Athlon XP3200 machine, the Radeon X800XL Agp card might as well stay there too I feel.

My problem is Intel or Amd? Once it was clear, AMD were cheaper and offered performance that more often than not beat Intel hands down - but today it is so unclear! Even prices seem muddy and as for chipsets too!!!



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