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Spam volumes shrink over festive season


My logs

Had noticed a precipitous drop in my spam logs as well. It's just my personal domain but connections halved on Dec 27 and dropped down to 2 or 3 a day from the 28th to the 3rd. Normally I see around 200 spam connections per day. It has slightly increased from the 4th but even so I only got 17 connections yesterday (but most of these are from a single IP).

I find these numbers odd. If it was due to work computers being switched off I would have noticed a drop from the 24th. And if it was people not using home PCs because they had too many other fun things to do why do my stats for the 25th show it as an average day?

To me it feels more like someone throwing a big giant switch than anything else.

Fox terminates The Sarah Connor Chronicles


Terminator of the Week

SPOILER below!

I thought the second series struggled with Terminator of the Week syndrome - with such Terminators being too easily dispatched. Why is it in such film/tv series the baddies get progressively weaker?

I did like the final episode though. It wasn't a cliff-hanger because we all knows what John does next - we just do not get to see him do it. To have told the story from that point on would have felt like a completely new series and not a continuation of The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

All blue-eyed people share one common ancestor



"Eiberg noted that the blue eyes mutation is neither "positive nor negative", since it doesn't affect chances of survival."

Maybe being blue-eyed makes one more or less attractive which whilst not directly affecting chance of survival would have an impact on the possessor's ability to attract a sexual partner.

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