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Netflix: How to completely screw up


The answer is obvious

I'm amazed that nobody is seeing this... it's clear that Netflix is setting up for an acquisition/merger by/with a major player; I'd guess Microsoft, Google, or Amazon. The company that's planning to acquire doesn't want to be burdened with the overhead of physical media distribution.


Canadians form adulterers' privacy campaign


"Hello World, I'm an Idiot"

I'll skip past the FAIL of cheating on her husband, and move on to the more interesting ones.

* Not using a prepaid mobile to conduct her tawdry affair(s).

* Not considering the consequences of data consolidation

* Trying to blame someone else

* Putting herself before the public as a victim

* Wearing a wig when her full name is known.

In short, we have somebody who is self-centered, greedy, and deeply stupid.


Microsoft kills Zune phone talk


At least Ballmer recognizes they're screwing up.

True confessions: I'm a Microsoft fan, and an avowed Apple hater. And I now own an iPhone 3GS. And love it.

I've had 3 CE-based PDAs and 2 WinMo phones... and got thoroughly sick of waiting for MS to acquire a clue and produce a mobile OS that's thumb-friendly from top to bottom, and not reliant on a vendor skin (e.g. putting lipstick on a pig.) I looked at the Pre and Android, but neither syncs with Outlook without relying on Google or Exchange.

There's several things I'd change about the iPhone, but there's no way I'd go back to WinMo right now.

Just maybe when my 2-year contract is up, MS will have produced a mobile OS that's worth a damn.


How to lose $7.2bn with just a few Basic skills

IT Angle

I wish I were surprised

I've worked in at least 15 different industries, and the Australian banks I worked at were by a considerable measure the most backwards shops I'd been in. I've found a system which controlled two billion dollars of superannuation funds for the bank's own employees which stored data in a btrieve database that was located on a wide-open share. As a consultant I wrote a scathing report recommending that the person responsible be shot and that a full audit be performed. In the name of "client relations" I had to soften the report to "mistakes were made."

In another bank I was responsible for reviewing the architecture of a new ForEx system being developed by a company whose owner was a crony of the ForEx director. Anticipating a scenario like SocGen's, it was all I could do to get this vendor to modify the system so that it would be at least marginally difficult to game. No way could I get the ForEx group to back me in forcing the vendor to make the system geniuinely secure...

Unfortunately, the problem is exacerbated by the IT departments... they're so unresponsive that the business units take carte blanche in building whatever the hell skunkworks/cowboy system they need, including the previously mentioned spreadsheets from hell.



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