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Ryanair battles ASA over 'saucy schoolgirl' ad

T Mulhall

sexualisation of girls in European society

This sexualisation of girls in European society is turning your kids into worldly children. They have the words, the dress, and attitude, yet they don't understand what it all means.

Look around at all the people who are working and trying to make ends meet for their families and their children who are normal and not (generally) over sexualised or worldly beyond their years, do they resemble what this ad typifies? Or perhaps it is the growing majority who allow their children to dress like prostitutes and hoodlums, while allowing them to roam the streets at the age of 5; those who have children simply to collect money from the government. Is this who Ryanian are speaking to, is this who they are trying to attract?

I wish them luck and will pay the extra to fly an airline that doesn't insult my intelligence.

T. Mulhall

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