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Why Microsoft is Acorn and Symbian is the new CP/M

Matthew Revell

Acorn led to ARM

Would it be pushing the analogy too far to note that Acorn's Archimedes platform led to ARM?

I wonder where WebOS fits in the analogy.

The Guardian ditches Phorm

Matthew Revell


Think you need to read up on what libertarianism is, if you reckon the statist "Independent" would appeal to a libertarian.

Vodafone takes Ofcom to court over number porting

Matthew Revell

Surely mobile slamming is impossible

I don't understand how mobile slamming could work. Unless the other operator forcibly removed the previous operator's SIM and then inserted their own into the customer's phone, or otherwise forced them to use a new handset with new SIM already inserted, then the new operator would have the number but not a lot else.

@Mike Crawshaw: As for that resulting in someone being in an 18 month contract, although it would be inconvenient to contest it I'm sure it couldn't be binding.

Also, the most valuable part of the process you've described happens before the five day wait.

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