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Boeing to test fuel-cell powered publicity plane

Lewis Page

Steady on, Mike

The article doesn't say "renewables are cute but ultimately useless." That was entirely your own thought. It says renewables will never meet current electricity demand, let alone produce extra power for cracking hydrogen. Even Greenpeace agree. Sample quote from Greenpeace: "renewable energy, combined with the smart use of energy, can deliver half of the world's energy needs by 2050." (In other words renewable energy can't even deliver 50%.) And Greenpeace are wildly optimistic compared to most people on this subject. The links you've posted don't offer any serious contradiction to that - one is pie-in-the-sky windspeed data ignoring all the endless problems of wind power and the other is an illiterate piece of eurobabble about research into new photovoltaics.

Barring radical new techniques, if we ever reach the point where all our energy comes from renewables everyone except the very rich will have to start eating their food raw and the human race will be headed back into the stone age. And a breakthrough in fusion power is at least as likely as some kind of amazing new renewable tech.

Pull your head out of where you keep it for a look round now and then, that's my advice. I think people who do a two minute Google search and then decide that their impossible dogmatic beliefs remain correct should be shot down whenever they poke their heads up, but I don't normally have the time. Done and done.



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