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Twitter jilts Ruby for Scala

Kieron Wilkinson


I think to make a statement like that, you need to define what you mean by "efficient". Development costs? Performance? Uptime?

Arctic ice refuses to melt as ordered

Kieron Wilkinson
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Not another one...

Quit with the global warming articles already. I come here for tech, not polemics.

Maven and Eclipse strive for Visual Studio 'power'

Kieron Wilkinson


I am assuming you are talking about UI's here, because for everything else, it is my impression that Java IDE surpassed Visual Studio quite a long time ago.

Office 2007 SP1 goes automatic for the people

Kieron Wilkinson
Gates Horns


I suppose OOXML transitional support will be in there. Maybe Office 2024 we might get strict support.

ISO puts OOXML announcement on ice

Kieron Wilkinson

An appeal is possible

There is an appeal process, which has to be initiated by a P member national body.

See here:


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The result is out already!


Attached file on that page is all the results.

Also see here:


ISO should be thoroughly ashamed for letting itself be abused like this.

Spammers dive into Google's lucky dip

Kieron Wilkinson

Simple solution # 2

Get the search engines to only do a lucky dip if the referrer URL is their own. Therefore any external activation of the URL will just dump you to the search page, but the i feel lucky button will work unchanged.

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