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FTC squelches Ethernet patent squatter's price hike


international standards tied in with patented designs

As someone who was secretary to several British Standards Institute and International Standards Organisation committees working in partnership with other Standards bodies worldwide (in the automotive field) I am familiar with the desire for corporations to have international standards written around their products and there is nothing wrong with that per se. Further I do not think it unreasonable for corporations to seek to make money from their inventions. However it was always understood at ISO that whilst there may be a cost attached to licensing and use of technology owned by an individual organisation, this cost must not be unreasonable or excessive. Most standards organisations are self regulating and it is probably optimistic to expect them to take any sanctions against their members. However from a legal standpoint - where it appears that a clear undertaking had been given by the owner of a given technology regarding the future cost of using that technology prior to adoption of the technology into an industry standard - I would consider this to be unreasonable and I would expect most legal systems in the world to enforce that original undertaking. F Gerschwiler



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