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Grid computer recreates ancient Greek lute

Andrew Connor


What so we've got 'the folding@home' grid researching cancer proteins at a molecular level and GILDA and EUMEDGRID (let me read that again E.U. Med Grid) are used to simulate a epigonion ?

What the hell is going on ?

Who cares what it sounded like ?

Is this REALLY a suitable use of the most powerful computing resources on ythe planet ?

You're all absolutely right, they should've just made one from a bit of old olive tree or pine, it wuldn't make a gnat's bit of difference.

and i bet the strings were made from the dried, stretched epididymises of epigonion players.


Sony posts Skype-packing PSP firmware update

Andrew Connor
Paris Hilton

But what if you get a call while using your psp to watch porn in the toilet

As the point of most modern technology is make porn more accessible to men, didn't sony realise what might hapen if you get a skype call while using your psp to watch porn over wireless whilst locked in the toilet. Presumably sony flavour skype takes advantage of the psp cam. Sorry in advance Mum, Dad, friends and colleagues.


Miserable? It must be U

Andrew Connor

I got the cure

I have always been bad with dates and over the last few years I have been making a concerted effort to forget my age. I came up with the idea when somebody asked me how old i was and I couldn't for the life of me remember so i kind of guessed and replied that I was 38. The next year, my birthday came around and I was a bit gutted because I though I was going to be 39.. then I worked it out and realised that actually I was only going to be 37. Talk about great birthday, I was over the moon. I'm now trying to make this a permanent feature of my life. Just don't think about your age, don't acknowledge it, convince yourself your any age other than what you are and then forget about it. enjoy your birthdays but ban anyone from mentioning age. if you're even a tiny bit forgetful, give it a try. It might be mad, but it's brilliant !



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