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Retro piracy - Should the Royal Navy kick arse?

Black Helicopters

How exactly would that work?

It is considered a truism in ground combat that fighters and bombers are all well and good, but you need feet on the ground to actually capture something.

How does a helicopter, however fast and well-armed, capture pirates in a boat? I can see flying over and annoying them, I can see blasting them to small pieces, but I can't see dropping people out of helicopters in order to board a ship.

So, if all you want is to blast the pirates, there are certainly faster, cooler ways to do so. And a carrier with Harriers can cover quite an area.

But, if you want to take a pirate in for a trial, I think that some sort of ship is in order.


Amazon's 'Kindle 2' spotted in the wild


Have the Sony, have a Kindle, soon to have a Kindle2

I bought the Sony Reader when it first came out and tolerated it. I thought the Kindle1 was about the ugliest piece of consumer electronics I've ever seen, but still bought it; and I haven't used the Sony Reader since. The Kindle1 is much better than the Sony Reader, and I have enough faith in Amazon that I expect the Kindle2 to be better still.

For Joe K, yes I have wanted a book badly enough that I couldn't wait to get home. Especially when I've been travelling, or when someone recommends a book to me. And the wireless thing is fantastic for newspaper/magazine subscriptions.

Yes, I wish the Kindles were better looking, but at least they are spending more energy on the things that matter than they are wasting on making it pretty.


Apple on the lookout for one million unlocked iPhones


Wow, what a bunch of whiners

Let's see if we can summarize...

"I bought something, I can do whatever I want with it." hmmm...I can buy a Porsche, but I can't do whatever the Hell I want with it. I can buy a gun, I can't do whatever I want to with that either...

"Apple is evil, they sell stuff and make money while doing it." It's called capitalism, if you missed the last 80 years, it won, deal with it.

"It must be illegal if I don't like something about it." The reason I hate reading the editorial page on any newspaper in the US.




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