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Is the Mac good for business?

J Silvera

Some of my best friends are Mac users :-))

Sorry for the title, couldn't resist.

Ever since Apple included Intel processors and software like Apple Bootcamp and Parallels were introduced, the landscape for debate has changed entirely.

Not only can you now run 'true' Windows applications alongside Apple ones but you can even cut'n'paste between them.

I'm a PC user because I enjoy getting my hands dirty. But I see no reason anymore to worry about compatibility issues.

As for the office being Windows based, just run those applications with something like Parallels to be sure of 100% compatibility although I think there are very few problems anymore between the Apple and Microsoft versions of Office.

So now you just have to choose between Super Cool or Super Geek... whoops, some of my best friends are geeks too!

Enjoy whichever way you go.

(I'll just add, I was recently responsible for an office or around thirteen staff. We were a software company selling products to the likes of PC World etc. Two of my staff exclusively used Macbooks in and out of the office. Everyday they would come in, access the network, the Internet and communicate with the rest of the team via mail and chat (and shouting!). Never once did we have any issue with compatibility or connectivity. We used Parallels extensively to test and make use of PC software on the Macs)



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