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Viewsonic VX2240w 22in monitor


enough with the video reviews

first of all the register is great. I have been reading it for about 4 or 5 years now. I have recently been inundated on this site along with many other with video reviews. I like to read reviews...I used to read them mostly in magazines but now its the net for that most of the time. I like to see big pretty pictures of the device, with details, broken down by a techie who has spent some time with the device. I like charts and diagrams etc etc etc....the video is a great web 2.0 feature or whatever marketing people like to call it but I would just as soon read 2 articles with nice big pictures of the devices from every angle possible. Why are you trying to limit viewership to those with higher bandwidth connections? im on a 30meg connection so im covered. Try writing the article...then do the video. Maybe when you record the videos with insane resolution it will get better but it still doesn't feel like a good review and I will definitely go elsewhere for a review of this monitor.



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