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James Bond producers sign on for Edward Snowden movie

Steven McAdam

Matt Damon... 's all I'm saying!

Yeah, I though Ryan Gosling, or maybe Bradley Cooper.

But really, I favour a more farcical portrayal of Snowden, where we learn about his less well publicised Jujitsu and spy craft skills. In which case, it just has to be Matt Damon!

Come on... it'd be a great movie!

2e2 debt recovery specialist finds... £2,000 in six months

Steven McAdam

And the administrator made how much?

How much did FTI Consulting make out of it? The debt recovery firm too. I'd love to know!

Microsoft 'mulled Nokia buyout, ran away screaming'

Steven McAdam


Nokia still has a HUGE asset in their feature phone business (albeit decreasing). Those customers will upgrade to Android smartphones. Not MS (as it's a hard sell) and not iPhones (due to price).

Nokia is good at making phones! If Nokia comes out with a kickass range of low cost Android phones (NOW!!!) to give those customers an upgrade path, they could at least get volume back, a higher average selling price, and buy time to work on the high end of the smartphone market.

Think about it... it makes sense.

Dixons drops Motorola Xoom price... again

Steven McAdam

Steve McAdam

I've got an top spec' iPad, but I'd have a second - Android - tablet to travel to dodgy destinations with (like the stag weekend in Riga at the weekend), if I could get one for £200!

Fanboi primer: How to move your iTunes from PC to Mac

Steven McAdam

Alternatively... walk in to an Apple store with all your stuff

Your article reminds me of how painful it was all looking whilst researching how I should go about consolidating the iTunes purchases from my 2 PCs (1 XP, 1 Vista), iPhone & iPad, along with the music I'd added to both PCs, on to my shiny new Macbook Air, and at the same making it host to both my iPhone & iPad.

Not being particularly techie... yesterday I simply walked in to Covent Garden Apple store with all 5 devices, where a very positive & helpful young man (with a goatie) sorted it all out in about an hour, teaching me as he went.

I left the Apple store happy. Their service is great, and they were nice to me despite my questionable dress sense.

It's in stark contrast to my efforts about 2 1/2 years ago to get Adobe CS3 working on a shiny new Vista-based Sony VAIO. Despite spending 2 days on it, then finally turning up at Adobe's office in Uxbridge and begging (I wore a suit that day), I never did get it to work. I bought another (XP) laptop, and was stuck with the Vista one. I'm going to blow it up soon, I'll send you the video.

iOS 4.2: An 'ace' for iPad, a 'meh' for iPhone

Steven McAdam

Steve McAdam

I've tried updating my iPad twice now today... right at the end of the 35 min. download it says "there was a problem downloading the software... The network connection timed out"

Is it just me?

Fans fall in to await iPhone 4 arrival

Steven McAdam

o2 just offered me an iPhone 4!

o2 just called me up, unprompted, and offered me an iPhone, for delivery tomorrow... as a 'valued customer'. I totally wasn't expecting that! I was registered for the info on the website, that's all.

Nokia launches laptop

Steven McAdam
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Netbooks have definately NOT peaked

I got the little Samsung NC10 when it first came out, and use it all the time. It IS however just a tad slow with BBC iPlayer running, when you try to move a window around.

With a new generation of machines coming based on ION or whatever (graphics chip to give it some oomph, more pixels, the ability to drive a larger external monitor, HDMI out to watch content on my 40" full HD telly), Netbooks will achieve a new level of usefulness.

Add that to the long battety life, and it's a no brainer for me to upgrade to a new one as soon as the Nokia (if it's ION-based), Samsung N510 or S12 (Ion-based) Lenovo comes out.

2008's top three netbooks

Steven McAdam

Yes... another Samsung NC10 fan

Likewise... perplexed as to why you don't rate the Samsung NC10 more highly.

I looked at them all (well, most), but my lovely new Samsung (in white) had that winning combination of decent keyboard, huge hard disk, 6 cell battery (they say 8 hours, I got 6 hours working in openoffice.org, middle'ish brightness), it was sub-£300 AND it doesn't look like a toy!

Scottish Government to block wind farm plan

Steven McAdam

what damage? ...it won't matter come the next ice age!

A few birds, some grass... what do these people think they're protecting? Come the next ice age the land will probably be scraped clean again.

And if we don't get our carbon emissions down considerably, the effect on the whole country (and it's wildlife) will be more dramatic that a few handsomely sculpted turbines.


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