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Nope, we can't find dark matter either, says LUX team


Another blow to Supersymmetry

As far as I know, the theory of WIMP is mostly inspired or linked to Supersymmetry (hidden huge 'partners' of regular subatomic particles). With the failure to find WIMP and all results from LHC consistent with the Standard model, shouldn't it be time to abandon Supersymmetry and look elsewhere for an explanation?

Sony ballyhoos budget PSP


Design flaw

If there is no wi-fi, how is multiplayer possible between nearby systems? Are Sony suggesting we plug in a cable like Ye Olden Dayes, or did they miss the point altogether?

Reg Hardware Reader Awards 2010

Jobs Halo


Honestly it's actually rather good.

Reg Hardware Reader Awards 2010

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All the kit I've got off them this year has been great, reasonably priced, and arrived incredibly quickly. Good, apart from a few problems...



Reg Hardware Reader Awards 2010


3D Television

Honestly and truly, the 3D effect is subtle, it can give people with less than perfect vision headaches, and hardly anyone has bought them. Oh, and the price is pretty stupid for a set as well.

Sony sticks it to Xbox 360 and Wii


This reminds me of...

This: http://www.cyberroach.com/jaguarcd/jagad02a_med.jpg

People who weren't around at the time may want to read http://strider.mjjprod.free.fr/toxicmag/toxic15/articles/tramiel.htm as well, as it details the interview and gives an in-depth view of the CEO of Atari. I feel Sony's announcement here really does reflect the insane advertising stance of Jaguar - better value, despite the system been weaker. PS3 been better value? Sony has forgotten people want to play Video Games, just like Atari did. But saying that, Atari preferred to pump up the price of the system with a complicated architecture that didn't work.

Umm... Sony...

BOFH: Radiating sincerity

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Very, very funny.

One of the best BOFH episodes in ages. "Hazardous Radiation" - an excuse anyone falls for, including the Boss...

Welder in DIY penis enhancement nut mishap


Darwin Award special mention?

This is perhaps the silliest thing i've heard all week. But saying that, "Peer Pressure + Credit Crunch = Cash-saving DIY Alternatives". Not that DIY Alternatives work properly, as shown in this case...

Acorn alumni to toast tech pioneer's 30th anniversary

Dead Vulture

Christmas 2004?

Either Tony is been sarcastic, or he needs to check his article after writing it in a hurry without checking his dates. Either that or its a typo. Whatever, I guess.

Still, its great to see the group have a 30th Anniversary Meet to remember such a landmark machine. The BBC Micro may not have been the best or most powerful UK Computer, but the endorsement by the BBC put it in many schools where they continued to be used past the year 2000! (my secondary school had them running LOGO. Which was crap, but makes a point).

Great bit of kit from the past. Unfortunately, computers like this and their 16-bit successors were wiped out by the IBM PC (due to inexpensive clones and tons of software) and Macs (due to their reputation which continues to this day). Atari's ST range went down and the company pushed their (absolutely bloody awful) Jaguar Video Games System, while Commdore's Amiga went out when the company went bankrupt (okay, its continued to this day, but when did you last see an Amiga for sale?). Some could argue Unix Machines such as SGi and Sun's machines also survived, but at around $10,000 a machine I doubt many parents would buy them for their parents to run Doom II.

Thats my few points anyway. A Good site for more info on old machines is http://www.old-computers.com

Teacher's head explodes due to Wi-Fi, mobe radiation


April Fool LOL

Has to be. Well, its probably more believable than most things here, but thats another matter...

BOFH: Carbon neutrality


This has to be the Truth about Green Computing

"A REAL computer has ONE speed and the only powersaving it permits is when you pull the power leads out of the back!" I blurt.

That sums up all the trouble i've had getting Vista to stop switching into Powersaving mode. Still, maybe the BOFH and PFY should have recommended switching the new 'carbon neutral' machines into "Hardware Power Saving Mode" - 115v instead of 230v.

It was the MacBook Air sub-notebook

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Been a Mac faithful, it was news to me that Apple are making such a huge mistake. The main points are that it really isn't that different from a standard Macbook, but with a thinner construction and almost twice the price. I was expecting Apple to release a machine to compete against the EEE for around £400-500.

Seems like they didn't listen though, and this will fail like the iPhone did. Steve, if you are reading this, PLEASE release a low-cost 7" Macbook instead of this £1200 monstrosity...

Update glitch derails Kaspersky

Gates Halo

Even better...

Disable Kaspersky on startup, which is what I did when my new Vista machine froze constantly less than 48 hours after I recieved it.

Sega denies Dreamcast revival


Emphasis on Games?

I think the most likely theory is that SEGA plan to release Dreamcast titles on the Wii Virtual Console. Dreamcast 2 though? That would be well accepted, but incredibly unlikely.

Mourinho will be next England manager


Changed Predictions...

Quote: WIkipedia

José Mário dos Santos Félix Mourinho, GOIH (pron. IPA /ʒu'zɛ mo'ɾiɲu/) (born 26 January 1963 in Setúbal), is a Portuguese football manager.

Mourinho, being the chosen one, is set to manage the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England simultaneously. Critics believe that Mourinho should rise to the challenge and could possibly take on additional management roles. Other management opportunities include the HMRC and US President.

Mourinho won four consecutive league titles (two at Porto and two at Chelsea) and also the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Cup with Porto. For two consecutive years (2004 and 2005), Mourinho was named the world's best football coach by the International Federation of Football History and Statistics (IFFHS). He has at times been a controversial figure.

Will Christmas sound the death knell for Atari?


Dead Company Walking

Looks like its time for the second big fall of Atari, and they are going exactly the same way with Senior Management running the company into the ground by using company name rather than Quality Software as their stance. Same method the Tramiels used to send Atari into the ground the first time around with that Jaguar thing Atari made, which had almost nothing but terrible games available for.

Atari in their second incarnation really was just a showname for some of Infogrames' developer teams. They never were about making games in the first place - think of it like sticking "Sainsburys" on a Tennis Game, or "Wanadoo Broadband" on a Platform Game (Oh wait, they did that with Castleween).

Infogrames will probably withdraw all the dev teams etc. from Atari, and let the Managers drive the company into the ground. Judging by Atari's devolution over the years (even after the Jaguar their new incarnation got worse), their next product will probably be a Game disc with no game at all on it. Or... they might BRANCH OUT INTO OTHER PRODUCTS!!!

What products? Either PCs, MP3 Players or a 'distributed content service' aka Phantom. I can't see Atari making Phones or Vacuum Cleaners however. Or toilet seats, although the Jaguar case would work in that field...

Paris Hilton exits missionary position to save Universe


Paris Hilton annoys Japan for a change

I think that will be fitting considering we hear so much about her, its annoying...

Zombies flood broadband networks


Call Leon S. Kennedy

Unsurprising Zombie PCs are the main problem now. With the latest security flaws in Vista, its easier than ever to compromise a PC.

Apple rings in changes with iPod Touch


iPod vs. PSP vs. iPhone?

The odd thing is, with this new model the iPod can do everything the PSP can (apart from the not-so-high-quality games) much better for £80 more. And with 8 or 16gb built-in memory.

I think this iPod is positioned to those who wanted a player to do everything on the move instead of having to carry 3-4 gadgets around with them. Although I think they have also done a bit of a Michael Spindler by compromising it in features compared to the iPhone.

But saying that, the iPhone is compromised, by not allowing you to run its Music library on iTunes, along with other issues (including only working on AT&T officially). Its quite the deadly cycle, but not as serious as Spindler's "Cheap, Compromised Macs" strategy. Please Apple, do not release another product comparable to the Performa 52xx/53xx series.

But to me, iPod touch brings the Newton-ish parts of the iPhone to users without having to sign up to the worst phone contract ever. And for £200, its reasonable enough.

Sony's 80GB PS3 pic points to rumble-ready controller


Push the Button... to turn off analogue controls

The rumble was not dropped due to technical matters. If the motion senser was bothered by the rumble motors, how come then the Wiimote has a rumble motor inside as well as the motion sensing chip? If wild results are given out, surely they can be filtered by a software routine.

As for the Red LED, on the PS2 and PSOne Dual Shocks, it indicated the Analogue Sticks were active. The reason been that when you tried to play an earlier game which didn't support the controller, it would not respond when the analog was turned on. Switching it off made the Dual Shock function like a standard controller. Try doing this on earlier games such as Final Fantasy VII to see.

I can guess the one who wrote the article has probably never seen an original Playstation controller, and understand the simplistic methods Sony used to achieve 100% compatability back in the old days. Unlike the N64 controller, which was designed with the Analog Stick and ability to add the Rumble Pak, Sony added these features at a later date, modifying a controller design which was very close-ended at the beginning, meaning modifications would causes problems with existing software.

Now, the issue is this. If Sony DID make a Rumbling Controller, it will possibly alienate all its current Playstation 3 owners from any new software, especially some designed with the controller in mind. People aren't paying £30-40 for a new controller just to play one or two games. If Sony decide to change the controller now, it will probably be the last, fatal Torpedo to the hull of the sinking Playstation 3.

Not happy with PC World's customer service?


I got the same

This happened to me at PC World in Sheffield. I asked about 6 salespeople about a game (Guitar Hero 2) but with no help at all. A short walk to Currys and they were able to sell the package to me.

Seriously, it was a comedy of errors. I had the money and was about to buy, yet they were rushing around do absolutely nothing. If work at PC World involves wandering around aimlessly, no wonder Currys is better.

Lawsuit targets Apple over laptop display dithering claims


Another pain with the Macbook?

I can't see this going anywhere. The reason been that no screen can show all of the millions of colours promised. The machine can render, yes, but the screen cannot display them visibly. No screen can, in fact. Besides, its common fact that the human eye cannot detect that many colors, only a fraction of them.

Personally I think the Macbook has the best screen ever on a laptop. Any PC-based system pales in comparison in all honesty. But surely, if these guys DO win a court case, all screen and notebook manufacturers are open to attacks by people like these.

UK gov mulls child porn changes


Digital Witch Hunting?

I really don't get it. It seems to me that the Government are not protecting children from 'indecent images', but rather trying to appear as politically correct as possible. Another victim of our Nanny State government I guess.

Its really gonna hit everyone. Being an artist myself, I see the significance of what this new law could do. Many artists post their works to websites like Furaffinity (where i'm from), and they usually feature younger characters. What many people don't realize is that under this change, these won't be the only pictures banned. Classical paintings and works of art from the past could be banned as well. Thats right. All those ones in art galleries will probably be torn down and burnt by New Labour's Politically Correct troops.

I can see where they are coming from though. But they need to realize there is such a thing as fantasy and reality. All my paintings (and writings) are fictious - they never happened. Photos and Videos are real - they did happen. Are the government losing their grip on Reality itself, perhaps?

Once again they are picking an easy target and exploiting it. By comparing 'Hentai' (as its commonly known) to Pornography, they have a subject for making illegal and grabbing approval of the Religious Groups. If you remember, they only just let the Gay Rights Laws pass, as Religious Groups gave mass demonstrations against it. In short, they think a Theocratic law is better than a Logical one.

In conclusion? If they want to stop children not viewing these 'horrible' pictures, there are blocking tools for it. If the Government want to avoid seeing them, perhaps they should do what us common Internet Browsers should do all the time - hit the 'Back' button. I think its a much better idea than conducting a modern witch hunt on Artists and Art fans alike.

- Silvergunner, 'Furry' Artist and Writer

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