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EBay, you keep using the word 'SECURITY'. I do not think it means what you think it means

Anthony Hagger

I think they should be liable for the lack of security and the fact that someone now has our personal details and could attempt to use this to steal our ID etc.

I think that Ebay should offer compensation to all 145 million customers but that will not happen and so I think everyone should close there accounts as this company does not deserve to trade if it is so lax.

Filesharing ambulance chasers get into the gay smut racket

Anthony Hagger

Sooner or later

I guess sooner or later Davenport are going to step on someones toes and especially with this new campaign of menace.

Copyright lawyers accuse 25,000 UK videogame filesharers

Anthony Hagger

Human rights

I am sure what DL is doing is illegal and an infringment of human rights, I will be pursuing this abgle with a human rights lawyer in the next week.

Hull disappears off t'internet

Anthony Hagger

Karoo are in bed with DL also

Yep as well as having a crap servuce, cutting people off without warning, having us in Hull by the short and curlies, they also ate quite ready to hand over personal data of its users to the other crooks called DL.

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