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Brits split on ID cards

Johnny G

Good idea or not?

Whether or not they’re a good idea, the key question should be "why do we need them?"

I have yet to see any valid justification for them...

It's claimed they will help fight against terrorism. How so??

It's claimed they will reduce identity theft. How so??

Lightsaber voted top movie weapon

Johnny G

@ ChookChoker

"The greatest weapon isn't Chuck Norris. Its Vin Diesel"

Give me a break! You're joking right??

Johnny G

A couple of others

The Toledo Salamanca Sword - Highlander

The snake-arrow used by Tulsa Doom in Conan the Barbarian to kill Valeria

The giant ceramic cock&balls that Alex uses to kill the woman in A Clockwork Orange

A few of my favourite films...


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