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Plasma TV components applied to password cracking

Bill Cumming
Paris Hilton


All we need now is the MPAA to use your TV's to hack your comp remotely to see what you downloaded!

Paris 'cause things are easy to (crack) open ;)

Boeing faces jumbo problem over US aerial raygun fleet

Bill Cumming

One slight problem with lasers

It will fuel the demand for the Evil nations to build the ultimate defence.....

Huge frikkin' mirrors....

US mistakenly sent nuke-ICBM parts to Taiwan in 2006

Bill Cumming

Who's Picking/Packing those orders??

Hate to find out what they would have been sent of they ordered Light Bulbs! Nuke grade plutonium?!?!

Sequoia attack dogs kill review into e-voting discrepancies

Bill Cumming
Paris Hilton

tally's...we no need no stinkin' tallys...

So just wait for M$ to use this argument at the next EU monopoly commission..

"It's not a bug.....it's a trade secret"

What's wrong with paper ballots and a pot of indelible Ink to stuck peoples thumbs in??

Heck!I could design, build a voting machine using an old BBC micro to be more secure than these guys!!

Paris cause she's "super-smart" compared to Sequoia IT Dept.

Steve Jobs rescues freetards from BBC iPlayer wilderness (for now)

Bill Cumming

My right to D/L

I'm in the UK.

Bought and paid for my Laptop (running Ubuntu)

Got a current TV Licence

So i feel it's within my rights to use this "Procedure"

Since the BBC say that iPlayer is for UK License payers to D/L shows for a limited time period from them.

I usually only have them on my comp till i've watched them then they get Deleted.

Ten years old: the world's first MP3 player

Bill Cumming
Thumb Up

I still have mine!

I've still got one of those F10's in the back of a storage box in the loft :D

It was great (at the time) was a lot flashier than those minidisk guys at my College who could not believe that it didn't need disks..... lol!!

Security boffins unveil BitUnlocker

Bill Cumming

PC's are digital!

I've never used Sleep or Hibernate ever in my PC'ing life!

My Comp is a Digital thing!

it's either On (1)

or Off (0)

there is no in-between :D

p.s. just in case i;ve super glued the dimms to the mobo!! :D:D

Home Office opens sex offender files in pilot scheme

Bill Cumming

Government + Databases = ebay....

What's the current government record of keeping databases?

not that great. I bet within 6 months of this going live some stupid minister or police official will loose his laptop and guess what will be on it!!

The NotW will probably buy it off of the druggie who nicked it, who's just been released after a few weeks in the local HMP after beating up an OAP or stealing a car for the 100'th time for the cash to but a £10 bag of whatever to keep him high.

Next thing you know Weekly supplements with the full details of the offenders saying "now don't do anything illegal *Wink- Wink*.

RIAA wiped off the net

Bill Cumming

Which is worse?

RIAA = You take things You enjoy it, they Sue and take all your money!

C0$ = They take all your money you enjoy it, you take things from them then they Sue you!

Xenu icon cause it looks like Cruse....


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