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Why your gigabit broadband lags like hell – blame Intel's chipset

Martyn Breckenridge

Re: VM to gig BB in the UK

Black Superhub 3's exist as well

Researchers spy on BitTorrent users in real-time

Martyn Breckenridge

Re: BT

BT authenticate you using the CLI (Phone Number) you are connecting from.

Opera alerts EU to hidden Windows browser-ballot

Martyn Breckenridge

What about....

What about just clicking the ask me later button?

Beijing snuffs Google.com

Martyn Breckenridge

Are you sure..

It sounds more like a DNS problem to me, are you sure it wasnt just a dns problem?

I remember reading something way back that almost all chinese isp's use the same dns servers. I could be wrong though

Millions opted into UK mobile phone directory

Martyn Breckenridge

Pissed off...

I was able to find myself, I would like to know how since I dont give my permission for any person or company to disclose my details.

Unix world braces for geekgasm

Martyn Breckenridge

For those who missed it...

you can set your clocks back to see it again:)

That is, if your that sad.

[yes, thats what i did]

Hybrid fusion-fission reactors to run on nuclear 'sludge'

Martyn Breckenridge

Never mind the waste,

did anyone else notice those two shady looking characters in that picture?

Boss frogmarches bound employee to cop shop

Martyn Breckenridge
Paris Hilton

We Demand...

...A Playmobil Reconstruction of the incident

Paris, because someone stole her... </virginity>

Virgin Media ADSL punters suffer 2-day email meltdown

Martyn Breckenridge
Thumb Down

The Mother of all cock-ups

Title says it all really

[Serves you right for being with virgin media]

Dud Nvidia GPUs tip up in Dell laptops

Martyn Breckenridge


Surely they should be replacing the GPU's, instead of jimmy-rigging it so it doesnt completely die.

Surely selling a faulty product means i can get a replacement, instead of a BIOS update

High Court orders MPs to 'fess up on expenses

Martyn Breckenridge


Its doesnt come from the frogs:

"Gaol is an early Modern English spelling for jail with the same pronunciation and meaning. Although jail is now more common, gaol is still the favoured spelling in parts of the Commonwealth of Nations, for example in Australia."

Quoting a popular online encyclopedia, and its not encarta

Server theft knocks Peter Gabriel off the web

Martyn Breckenridge


Must be really tight at this place,

suppose it's better than phorm stealing data

FBI agents lured suspects using fake child porn hyperlinks

Martyn Breckenridge

Cant Wait...

Until Google Starts indexing those links. It'll be mayhem

Dallas man accidentally shoots self in head

Martyn Breckenridge
Dead Vulture

I dont mean to be funny,

but serves him right

Tiscali hits 'undo' after bandwidth throttling chokes iTunes

Martyn Breckenridge
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When I Was With Tiscali.....

"Over the last week users have reported newly-blocked ports and sub-dial-up speeds of 10Kbit/s between 5pm and 9pm"

I would have loved to get 10Kbit/s when i was with Tiscali, apparently i was on a "bad line".

Now i'm with Entanet and i get over 850Kbit/s on the "bad line".

Maybe it's just coz tiscali are crap


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