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Sony plans movie+game dual-media Blu-ray Discs

Henry Jenkins


sounds like a crafty way to attempt to stop people selling their games once they've completed them because they'll want to keep the film... maybe... then more people'll have to buy the games new thus making sony more dosh

Sony pulls PlayStation 3 software update

Henry Jenkins

mine seems ok...

I did it last night via usb stick and it seems ok... it certainly starts up fine... i didn't get around to actually playing anything on the console last night after i applied the update... better keep my fingers crossed!!!! :/

Yes! It's the Knight Rider satnav!

Henry Jenkins

@AF..... and not a hoax?

Sorry AF, although your idea is a good one - and you're right the sides are an imitation of the bonnet/nose of the car - as you'll see from the link below it is in fact a bastard love child amalgamation of the two things.

oh and it's vocoder not vocorder, and in fact a vocoder is the device/effect used to produce the robotic KITT voice not the lights themselves. The lights that flash in time with the speech, well, they're just lights that flash in time with the speech. Same principle as the output meter(s) on a mixing desk, though a lot lower resolution I'm sure! lol

see below.... voice sounds pretty ropey in places i reckon


Henry Jenkins

@ jai & AC

the vertical lights on this are supposed to imitate the VERTICAL lights that used to pulse in time with KITT's voice that were INSIDE the car on the centre console (either side of where the turbo boost buttons were etc) they're not supposed to imitate the one that was on the hood. Sorry i'm English I mean bonnet not hood.

So clearly the flaw with this product is that it should come with an additional set of bonnet mounted scanning lights for the full KITT experience!

oh hang on, but what about a super pursuit mode button....

Comedy UK social network berates moaning users

Henry Jenkins


comedy gold!

if i was a digger i'd digg it.

but ummm, i'm not

anyway, loved it, especially the fact that it was written in chav. :D

iRobot Roomba 560 robot vacuum cleaner

Henry Jenkins

bit late but just spotted on kotaku...

doubt anyone will see this now but thought it was worth posting for amusement value


O2 misses iPhone targets

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LOL, think you missed my irony greg, you need to get that tongue firmly in cheek. you can't flame someone who's saying "i'm a mac fan i've had 5 ipods" when i never stated that it was actually a positive experience!! i can see how you'd misread it tho :) some were great, some were rubbish (build quality etc. replaced under warranty) always said i'd get something solid state as soon as capacity went 16mb+ and that just happened to be the touch. should be pointed out though that mine get HAMMERED - i have a dension cradle in the car and i plug it through my pc speakers at work so were talking ipods that have averaged a MINIMUM of 4-5 hours EVERY day - and the downside on the dension cradle is you can't stop it from charging so the batteries get knackered twice as fast. couldn't give a monkey's whether you've owned 1 mp3 player or 37 thousand - this isn't about ipods it's about not buying a first gen iphone - you're getting a little off topic and taking my moderately self deprecating "i love apple" comment way out of context ;)

Henry Jenkins
Jobs Halo

never buy first gen...


I'm a bit of an apple nut.... my ipod touch is my 5th ipod... it's great... and with the new software update for email etc it's even better... i don't find typing on them difficult at all especially with the autocorrect/dictionary thing.

the software update makes me want to buy an iphone even more - however - firstly i'd never buy something 1st gen (you could argue that the touch is 1st gen but it's not quite, not in the same same way that the iphone is) but 8mb? no good. Rubbish camera? No good. No flash! no good. No choice and therefore competition on network? *cough*pricefix*cough*

i love apple stuff but that doesn't make me deaf, dumb (in either meaning) and blind

I love apple so much i bought a ps3 just because i'd be boycotting the xbox360.... lol JOKE!!!!

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