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Mayor Ken buys hydrogen buses for London

Ciaran Tracey

@Jon Green

Yep, you've got the oxygen, hydrogen and ignition source, but you would also need containment to create an explosion - the only fuel that has mixed with the air will be outside the tank not inside, so you'll just get a fireball instead.

Strap-on stealth jetplane for special forces

Ciaran Tracey

This crazy dude already has the jet engines.....


Italian boffin designs gecko-tech spiderman suit

Ciaran Tracey


“With the idea for the adhesion now in place, there are a number of other mechanics that need addressing before the Spiderman suit can become a reality ... man’s muscles, for example, are different to those of a gecko. We would suffer great muscle fatigue if we tried to stick to a wall for many hours."

surely all you need is a crampon with the sticky stuff instead of front spikes - we're quite well adapted to standing for many hours....

AT&T turns screws on iPhone unlocker

Ciaran Tracey


you clearly forgot the tags for our friends in the states....

Livid woman torches ex-hubby's wedding tackle

Ciaran Tracey

Closer to home.....

but a similar story



Brit spooks: Yanks are frightful cowboys

Ciaran Tracey

re: @ ALL

it is not "a religion is at war with certain countries described in the article".... it's just a bunch of people who _call_ themselves christian

Ciaran Tracey

To those advocating torture

Even if you are prepared to ignore the illegality and morality of such actions, ask yourself this: if someone were to wire your bollocks to the mains, or subject you to "humane" techniques such as sensory deprivation for that matter (wtf? is mental torture somehow more humane than physical torture?), how long do you think it would be before you were declaring your father, your grandmother and your twelve year old niece as terrorists?

Information gained from such methods will be at best sketchy and at worst complete fabrication. The anonymous poster above hits the nail on the head with "only infiltration over a number of years leads to good intelligence".

Would you be so happy with the practice if you were taken from the street one day to be flown to another country for torture or detention, your friends and family having no idea where you've gone, just because the guy who lives down the road gave them your name to make them stop?

'Suspicious looking' man hauled off translatlantic flight

Ciaran Tracey


there haven't been that many suicide bombers of any race in the states....

I have no idea of the statistics, but from the top of my head I can't remember any any incidents being reported of non-caucasians walking into a school and just opening fire to see how many people they can kill. Individually motivated shooting yes but not indiscriminate mass slaughter. And yet I somehow doubt the colour of my skin would cause me to be treated with more suspicion upon entering an educational establishment....

Mercury astronauts join al-Qaeda?

Ciaran Tracey

RE: Crikey lord oh lummee

The essentail feature of irony is the indirect presentation of a contridiction between an action or expressions and the context in which it occurs. This headline, if taken as meaning all arabs are terrorists, would appear to be in direct contradiction the general tone El-Reg takes on the "War on terror" as peddled by our government and the mainstream press, and as such I consider it ironic.

I was not intending to imply that your comment was either in-appropriate or un-acceptable, I was merely pointing out that you were using a similar brand of humour to the article.

As for the anti-irish jokes, I can assure you that I take any joke with the intent with which it is delivered.

Ciaran Tracey

Re: Crikey lord oh lummee

so you're allowed to use sarcasm but the headline writers can't display a touch of irony??

(or is it just that you need the tags to identify it?)

The flaws in the control order 'fantasy prison' mind game

Ciaran Tracey


That depends on the intent behind these control orders. If it was to soften the public up to the idea that the government needs to be allowed to remove our rights and personal freedoms in the "war on terror", then I'd say selecting a handful of people linked to high profile convicted terrorists and slapping control orders on them is a very rational idea. Of course you would need to make sure that these suspects could, and would abscond if you wanted an excuse for introducing more restrictive measures.....

US states press MySpace to give up sex offender data

Ciaran Tracey

Re: email registration

Don't be silly Ed, it's easy.

You just pass a law that says any registered sex offender caught using an e-mail address they haven't registered gets sent straight to an off-shore concentration - sorry detention camp, to be tortured for an indefinate period.

That'll sort em

'As I watch England turn into a quivering pile of dung'

Ciaran Tracey

Of course the american public are scared....

... cultivating a climate of fear is an absolute requirement for the creation of a facist state - the thing is they actually do have a rather good reason to be scared, just not the one they think


Iran 'eight years' from operational nuke

Ciaran Tracey

To be technically pedantic.....

.... it's inertia that causes the heavier gas molecules to move towards the outside of the cylinder.


Microsoft and Cisco eye Iceland for green server farms

Ciaran Tracey

Definition of renewable?

>unlike with geothermal, where recovery will take a long time - but it will still happen, because the heat is constantly being replenished. I therefore think that geothermal should be classed as renewable

I dare say that oil and gas are constantly being replenished too, albeit at an extremely slow rate. Semantics perhaps but I guess the question is whether or not geothermal power is a sustainable energy source.

Teachers left blubbing by cyber abuse

Ciaran Tracey

You've got to be kidding

Fully grown adults getting upset by "negative, hurtful comments" posted by schoolchildren on a website? Gimme a break FFS

Perhaps training to be a nursery school teacher would have been a wiser career choice.....

US military tests ground-penetrating monster bomb

Ciaran Tracey


>They spend alot building stuff like this so countrys like iran won't want to kidnap its citizens.

if the trident nuclear missile that the UK holds (maximum yield of something like four megatons I believe) doesn't deter Iran from such actions why should this bomb do so?

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