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Cops admit CCTV no use in deterring drunken violence

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My opinion on this

CCTV is a waste of money and electricity...and nobody likes being watched.

The root of all evil is NOT alcohol...it is education.

Even if all drinks were for free, only idiots would drink until they drop....so also cheap drinks are not the problem.

The problem is the legal age of drinking - it should be lowered to 16 to achieve a responsible drinking behaviour.

If the legal age is a lot higher then the real age, people learn to drink from youngesters the same age and not from their parents.

The parents could teach their children how to drink reasonably....in France and Germany, there are not that many problems with alcohol as in the UK, although the legal age is 14 (wine etc in France) and 16 (beer) and there have never been any closing times.

It is all about educating your children properly. This is the same with violence and aggressive behaviour.

Instead of watching everyone, what about controlling whats on tv and on the cinemas a bit more? There are so many films and movies involving violence - and children will think it is cool to destroy things .......



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