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The Prisoner of Blogger

Moritz Schroeder

The problem isn't a problem, or is it?

You can get rid of everything you don't want on your blogger blog, including the navbar / search bar, the favicon, even the blog post listing itself and only publish some "gadget" boxes. You just need to switch to one the "new" blogger layouts and play with the HTML/CSS. If you want to publish at a different FTP provider or combining it with your website, why not simply use iframe, or pull the info using RSS?

To protect your articles from disappearing / censorship / corporate decisions you should anyway always keep a copy when using a third party service. And that certainly inludes Google as well as any normal commercial Webspace / Internet provider.

With blogger you have many ways managing the "data". One includes using Google Documents to publish on your blogger / blogspot blog. I haven't heard of a case, where Google deliberatly deletes / censors docs. The Google Doc publishing works also with wordpress and other services. Advantage: It even allows for edits and updates. Otherwise, as the simplest form of an independant archive, you can get an email of every post and comment to an address of your choice.

So what is the problem?


'EcoDisc' allegedly trashes man's optical disc drive

Moritz Schroeder

Solution for Apple notebook users

German mags including EcoDisks had caused similar problems for Mac users last year. The warning was very small, and honestly who reads the small print on DVDs or on DVD labels. Fortunately a number of DIY solutions exist. The best one (and safest) method seems to slap the upsidedown Mac Notebook while pressing the eject button. The article describing this solution can be found at http://qompute.wordpress.com/2007/10/13/put-the-apple-notebook-upside-down-and-slap-it/

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