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Home Sec in anti-terror plan to control entire web

Eddie Jones

Be careful what you wish for

"By Chris W

Posted Thursday 17th January 2008 15:33 GMT

I think you're all being really unfair. These laws must be working both in the UK and the USA. There hasn't been a terrorist attack in the USA since 9/11, compare that with the thousands that occurred before. Similar in the UK, since the Tube attacks, nothing major. Also the before and after incidents of the Madrid train bombs. I just don't know how we managed to survive through it all before."

So are you say that for protection and so called security, you are willing to give up your personal freedom and civil liberties? These are uncertain times, when all we hear from our so called leaders that they know what is best, by trading away your rights to be a Free thinking Human for a chance that someone can say that you were talking to the wrong person so you must be watched? The Patriot Act here in the US gives the Government the right to called you a terrorist, usurp your civil rights, search your home, tap your phone, and seize your property in the name of "Home Land Security" without even due process of the law. Be very careful of these people who keep saying that this is that when all the while they are seizing control of every aspect of your life. Repeat a lie often enough, people was believe it to be true

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