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Hastings junkie hotspots pop up on Google Maps


@Trevor Watt

>>If you look up the road a bit you find a place called Battle. I wonder why that is? Perhaps the battle was at Battle and not Hastings, so Hastings would be famous for being? But then at history classes they would have to teach about the battle of Battle.<<

I think you're right mate - it's Friday afternoon and you need to go home and lie down! :-) Your brain is clearly overloaded.

The battle of Hastings took place a few miles away from the town after the Normans landed along the coast at Pevensey Bay. There was nothing there at the time, or very little. It became called Battle later after William built the Abbey on the battlefield to attone for the dead. The village that grew up around the abbey later became known as Battle. It could never have been called the battle of Battle, because Hastings was the only significant centre of population in the area at the time.

Google Maps gets gov M-way congestion overlay


Road Works and other features

I wonder why HA has not allowed Google to ppublish the Road Works, weather, road sign displays that feature on their own web site?

Blu-ray to rule by 2011


Re: I have to point out.......

Good point to make Andy!

My local optician has an ad in the window ... "Are your eyes HD ready? Come in for a test."

I wonder how many people think that SD DVDs are perfectly acceptable because they are just as fuzzy as 'real life'? If you're getting by in life with no (or the wrong) glasses, HD is a wake up call ... I have specs which I wear at the cinema or when watching a powerpoint on the office projector or when watching HD Sky TV and BD movies on my PS3 but otherwise I don't wear them.

World's first Blu-ray record pressing


So what's the difference ...

... between this, "the world's first blu-ray record"; and quite a few already existing BD music releases (e.g. Led Zeppelin - The Song Remains the Same [Blu-ray]) which contain 5.1 surround and also Video footage. If the led zep release had left off the video would that have been "the world's first blu-ray record"?

If the The HD recording of Norwegian orchestra Trondheimsolistene had included video of the recording, would that have made this yet another BD music release?

On a less cynical note, I excitedly bought a SACD disc to play on my PS3 only to be disappointed to find that the PS3 will not put SACD audio out to my surround sound amp over the optical cable and only outputs the SACD audio via the HDMI cable, which of course goes to my stereo TV on which the volume is always turned down because the TV is itself plugged into my amp! Perhaps at least BD audio-only releases (if this is not the only one we'll ever see) will at least allow me to get HD sound providing that the publishers also include a standard CD for when I'm in my car!

Caught on camera: the Downfall of HD DVD


@ Aaron

"You've obviously never seen "The Two Ronnies""

HD-DVD - "It's goodnight from me ..."

BluRay - "... and it's goodnight from him!"


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