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NASA embosses space images for the blind


ignerence must be bliss.

To those of you who say that this is a waste of money, I say one thing. Try spend your day blind folded just once. Try using your computer, your telivision, even your washing machine without being able to see!

Why shouldn't people who are Blind benefit from pictures like you can? sure, we cant see them. It doesn't mean that we are not interested in what things look like. This is a fantastic thing to see. Accessibility is coming of age. It is finally coming out of the era of making life accessible and going into making life enjoyable. If stupid people like you cant see that then it's you who blind people like me feel sorry for. I'm blind, I'm fine. I work, live and play like anyone else. but ignerence and stupid is much worse. There's absolutely no way of living an ordinary and productive life being so closed minded and clueless.

Nasa, fair play to you.



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