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Apple tells iPhone vendors not to reveal sales figures


Ha ha ha :)

"I don't know about how things stack up in whinging-pom-territory, but in Australia if the iPhone were to come out with plans that match what the US have on AT&T it would be the best value from any telco..."

That's because when you get reamed all you do is shrug, hyperaspirate a little and throi another shrimp on the barbie. Us pommies won't put up with it, though.

As for being chippy, you can't blame us when we're being patronised by a bunch of colonising yanks hell bent on foisting antedeluvian technology onto us Victorian savages, now, can you?

As it goes, I reckon the iPhone is a fine piece of engineering but it's not well suited to European markets. iPhone fanbois, though, are as rabid, rude and obnoxious as ever.



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