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BOFH: Key performance undertakers

Thomas Saulnier

Well done

Happy BOFHmas Simon! I'll have one at the pub for you

Americans clueless on NASA budgets

Thomas Saulnier

RE: I mean do people really get the idea of a 3 GHz processor?

That's exactly why it's marketed with the GHz at the end ... the number 3 is a lot eaiser for Joe consumer to get his head around.

Why can't a computer be more like a brain?

Thomas Saulnier

to add to Simons commment

To add to Simons comment

Most programming doesn't respond well to the unknown. Code jocks go to great lengths to anticipate most conditions and offer up a default response for those conditions that are out of scope ... a true thinking machine would have to be able to interpret and catagorize and then act on something that it knew nothing of ...

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