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Revealed: USB 3.0 jacks and sockets

Victor Quevedo

Change Plug to a ROUND plug or a Double USB Stacked back to back

I would suggest that the USB 3.0 plug change to ROUND Plug that you would not be able not to be plug in the wrong way... I am constant struggle plugging in a USB drive. ( Oh wrong way switch it around ).. Why not make it ROUND. It would be great if you could cover the connectors within a cylinder tube connector that you would push in and turn to lock. Something like a arming cylinder used to arm Genesis Device in Star Trek 2 ( see video ) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbaKMXHhfhk

Or... if you want to use the same plugs.. then why not stack two of the current usb connectors not one on top of the other, but with two stacked top to top.

[| ] [| ] current usb 2.0 arranged sideway. The | is the blade in side the USB Connector

[ |] [| ] usb 3.0 would be two usb 2.0 connectors wide connector ( standardize on the spacing and position the top to top ) that would use two/double connectors/power ( in a single double usb plug ) and be smart enough ( reverse connectors/lines like current ethernet works like a cross over cable ) to figure out if both connectors are used for one USB 3.0 device or used on a single USB 2.0 device using one connector. The upside is that you could also plug in a single USB Device into it.

Not that anyone would take any advice from a BB boosting. Just a few thoughts



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