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Grand Theft Auto 4 maker sues Chicago transport chiefs

Ed Arnold

Life in a Dictatorship

The point that is being missed is that Chicago is not your usual city, but a dictatorship run by Mayor-for-Life Richard M. Daley, aka King Richard the Second. If something in the city happens suddenly, and in complete disregard for the law, you can be certain it originated in the Mayors office. I assume somebody told Richie that the city was taking heat over the 'violent' adverts, so the order came out and the ads came down. The city will now spend a couple of million tax-payer dollars (called 'chump-change') defending the action in court, the legal fees all going to firms who are FODM (Friends of Da Mayor)

Situation normal, nothing to see here, shut your mouth and move along...


US-Iranian naval clash: Radio trolls probably to blame

Ed Arnold
Black Helicopters

A little perspective...

Can we come off the 'Tonkin Gulf' fantasy for a moment and note that the Navy, despite having boats of sworn enemies come well within firing range of any number of genuinely dangerous anti-armour missles (200 meters is an easy shot for a Sagger), held their fire. Had they deployed a 20mm Gatling anti-ship battery, the Pasdaran would have been reduced to hamburger in the water in seconds.

Both the US and GB naval units have shown enormous restraint in the face of deliberate provocation to avoid giving the Iranian nutcases in power the propaganda victory of having been 'attacked' by the Infidels, which the regime much desires. The surge in patriotic feeling among a currently disaffected populace, not to mention the raving of the BushCheneyHallibutonBloodForOil paranoids in the West, would help the Mullahs hang on to power a bit longer, maybe until they can beg borrow or develop the nukes they so fervently desire.



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