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Net think tank: Phorm is illegal


Phorm Blacklisting

They claim there is a blacklist that will not 'profile' sensative pages like web based mail pages. However I run my own server and as such I have my own web based email as does ALL people who have PLESK on there server which is most dedicated and VPS servers these days. Also most people who have a domain with UK-REG have web based mail. I dont see how they are going to black list personal web mail pages for every domain?!

BT is the main subscriber to Phorm and it wont come as a shock that the goverment will let this continue as BT is the bedrock for the UK's communications.

What a way to alienate the internet population.


Microsoft set to milk mobile Messenger mavens?


A charge for MSN? Really? It does sound like good 'ol Bill.

I believe that good 'ol Bill has got his work cut out. Middle aged, Retired and officially the richest man on earth at last time i heard of his total worth it was 85 billion thats 85 thousand million, And he wants more money?!

I think its time for everyone to join me on Linux.



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