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Best Wireless Broadband modem option?



The M1330 has the Dell 5520 card as an option, this card is not locked to vodafone, I just threw the voda SIM and placed my T-Mobile SIM in the slot under the battery. Works perfectly.

You can buy the cards to slot in, saves the USB or Expresscard slot.

The airels are built in to the screen


T-Mobile bundles Wi-Fi with Web 'n Walk


T-Mobile Web & Walk Plus

I have the T-Mobile web and walk plus add-on. I have used it a lot for 18 months.

There is a 2GB Fair Usage Policy. VOIP works with skype however MSN does not.

However this week I received a letter from T-Mobile saying I had gone over the Fair Use Policy, using 3.4GB.

They said I need to reduce my usage in January or they will downgrade my speed to 64k.

Never had the letter before, anybody?



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