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Laptop innovator Moggridge dies aged 69

Joni Kahara

Re: TI-700

Cloud computing?

Anti-gay bus baron rages at being stuffed in Google closet

Joni Kahara

Exactly my sentiment when I took a look at the site. Which is weird as one would expect a fella like this have enough money to hire competent people to handle his publicity.

BeautifulPeople ejects post-Xmas fatties

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Big Brother


...I thought big is beautiful, non?

Developers take Mac, Linux-friendly Chrome for a spin

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Gates Halo

Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers, ...

@AC: Agreed. Give us Ballmer, now!

Here's a nice shot: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/5/54/Steve_Ballmer_fuzzy.jpg

HP boxes Mother Earth into submission

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But it is a dedicated box!

It says "Q3656A" in the lower left corner. That would be "HP Color LaserJet Q3656A 220V Fuser Kit"!

Time to balance WS-* and REST

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See also WADL, or Web Application Description Language. Here's: http://tomayac.de/rest-describe/latest/RestDescribe.html a nice tool that can be used to create WADL and also generate client code (PHP, Ruby, Python, Java) from (a) WADL.

Swedish cops probe flying fermented fish attack

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Paris Hilton


Yep, it's pretty hard core stuff I have been told (but never had the pleasure to actually sample this delicacy). For instance, when one is opening a surströmming can, it should be done under water (in a kitchen sink filled with water, for example) because of the possibility (probability?) of an explosion occuring. If it explodes in free air, your place will reek of 'strömming for months, even years.

Winamp blighted by bug brace

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May be best for Windows..

Carl Zeiss tries its hand at iPod-friendly video goggles

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Jobs Halo

LED displays

I believe that the unit has LED backlights, and that the pixels are traditional.


Nexsan gives 42TB array a make-over for picky Apple fans

Joni Kahara
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^Air flow

The brochure (http://www.nexsan.com/satabeast/satabeast.pdf) for that previous "butt ugly" (which it is) model states that it has a "Revolutionary cooling system." What ever that means. They also mention "..tachometer-monitored blowers to provide maximum power and cooling."


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