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Warner Bros gives all its hi-def loving to Blu-ray

Gabriel Sanchez
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How much for making a hd disk, either type?

for me (a sony stay away), the real problem with sony is that when u buy a sony product, u stick with the "standards" that sony wants to monopolize, once monopolized they can manage the standard the way tehy want to. And now with this "HD War" they just want to sell more players than their competitors, nothing more, nothing related to give freedom to consumer or give the "best Hd experience" they just want to sell more players and dictate the new standards on the area.

whe u buy a sony laptop, video camera or photo you should use Memory Stick, but if u buy the same from other companies u can chose from MMC, SD, MicroSD, MiniSD and maintain the same format for all your gadgets.

if sony and the film industry wants the consumer to chose on the standard they want, the should sell the movies in the two formats but not as 1 case for hd-dvd and 1 case for bluray, they should sell them together in a single case just as some movies come in "wide screen" and "standard screen" in the same case.

for the film companies that should not be a big problem because of the manufacturing costs of each disk is less than .50 cents...

this is not like VHS and Betamax, the cost of the tapes in that years where not as low as now are the discs...

i can not understand why there should be only one standard in HD, thats like having hundreds of car makers but only a car model to chose from.



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