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Gov to Manchester: No new trams without road pricing

Ali McGowan
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No, No, No

"They've already started cutting up large parts of the road system in the north of the city in preparation for extended tram lines. This despite being told we're not getting government funding if we don't vote for the congestion charge. It's almost like Manchester City Council know the charge is going through..."

- another misconception. The 'Big Bang' tram funding is ALREADY in place and will go ahead even if the vote is NO. I am voting NO [and shouting!!] because the TIF money only adds a few piddly bits onto the network.

I am also voting NO [still shouting] because I've lived in Manchester 12 years and in that time have seen absolutely crap improvements to public transport in all that time. The tram network was never extended [as promised] for the Commonwealth Games - and the Big Bang extension is years behind. I have NO faith in the transport exec or collective councils to deliver - another reason to vote no and in any case, disagree with the principle of the congestion charge - motorists pay enough bloody taxes already. Oh - and I don't even drive to work. I get the clapped-out East Midlands Trains - on trains that have not been cleaned since the day they were built.

The TIF / Congestion Charge is a complete farce and I just pray that enough folk in Manchester + environs bother to vote - and bother to vote NO!!!!

Germany flicks off-switch on DAB

Ali McGowan

DAB radios are waaaaay too expensive (you what now?)

In response to:

DAB radios are waaaaay too expensive

By Finnbar

>> Do you call £30 expensive? I don't!

Dearly departed to heat Manchester crematorium

Ali McGowan


Publicity? Are you serious? 'Hey everyone, hurry up and get dying!!!'...

I think it's a great idea as it goes - and right of them to put this out to consultation - imagine the backlash if they DIDN'T?


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