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Decoding the President, because someone has to: Did Trump just blow up concerted US effort to ban Chinese 5G kit?

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Ok so that's like Spinal Tap wanting an Amp that can go to 11.

Redis kills Modules' Commons Clause licensing... and replaces it with one of their own

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Wow, they finally got it!

The in-memory database biz was one of the first open-source vendors to alter its licensing. Several players tweaked their terms last year with the aim of stopping big cloud vendors selling hosted versions of open-source programs, arguing the firms were profiting from them without giving back to the community. The moves prompted instant backlash from free-and-open-source software fans, however.

Yeah. The Apache license made it so that anyone could do anything with the open source code.

The reality is that once the code reaches a certain point of maturity you don't need a support license and can rely on community support. Or if you have a strong enough tech team, they can tweak it and run with a proprietary version.

In short, the Apache License gives companies the right to steal or rather use the IP you created for free and make money off of it.

Just saying...

Artificial Intelligence: You know it isn't real, yeah?

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@ Fabio Re: the error is in call it "AI" !!!

Spot on.

Blame the marketing critters who want to re-define AI to be Machine Learning rather than what we generally had defined AI over the years.

Terminology is very often misused.

Just like calling something 'Real Time' when its not.

ReRAM biz Crossbar hopes fad-du-jour IoT AI can help it avoid the tracks of Intel's Optane storage chip juggernaut

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@tachyon Re: @Chris Mellor Huh?

Amen. same page as you.

That's the frustration.

If the tech was real and could be produced at scale... imagine that the form factor of PCs would have dramatically changed. Blade computers wouldn't need detached storage. Each blade could have 4-16TB without a problem (depending on blade size) I mean in theory, you could build a blade the size of a 3.5" disk that would be capable of that 4-16TB number. Obviously larger if you had 2x XEON CPUs and needed to be kept cool, but you get the idea.

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@Chris Mellor Huh?

Sorry, I mean this is a well written article, but really WTF?

Crossbar was one of the pioneers of ReRAM coming out of the Univ of Michigan.

But what have they done?

No products. I mean they inked deals, but where have they gone?

Now they are trying to ink more deals in the bleeding edge areas to get ahead of Intel.

I get it, but has anyone seen any chips from them?

I mean the hype of 1TB per chip meaning you can put 8TB on an M.2 card or 16TB if you can put them on both sides.

Think about it. Two M.2 cards (mirroring) can provide enough storage that you don't need SSDs, and could lead to refactoring blades w enough storage to make high density clusters more of a reality.

But nothing.

What gives?

New claim dogs Oracle: After $11m of sales, I was unfairly axed before next big deal – because I am a 64yo woman

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@GBShore ... Re: Only 11 Million?

You misunderstood.

I was saying that having her portrayed as a senior rep who made her numbers... her numbers weren't that impressive.

Again, it depends on territory and product mix, but I do know the industry. I do know the numbers that software reps at IBM in Information Management had to bring, and she would have just been average.

(Yeah I was an overlay and I had to sit on the BUEs pipeline calls so I knew the numbers and quotas)

Does this mean she doesn't have a case?

No. Oracle is very cutthroat and they will burn and churn people. ( I have friends who worked there in sales) What my comment was is that she is being portrayed as a senior rep. (Experience not age) and that she was a major contributor. Oracle will use that against her because her numbers weren't that impressive.

Got it?

Oh and I wasn't being narcissistic. While I sold highly skilled and trained bodies, I was a senior sales specialist. It was more of amazement that for someone claiming to be a senior rep her numbers were that low. Heck my peers, her direct competitors had higher targets and quotas. As I said above, I knew the reps pipelines and quotas. (And some of those reps weren't that senior either.)

If you want to get technical... Oracle will take a look at her performance and review her pipeline and do some sales analytics.

Its not like she made club and at the same time was put on a performance review.

So her case isn't a slam dunk.

And I'm not saying she doesn't have a case. Sales is cutthroat. Shit happens. And I've seen it all.

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Only 11 Million?

Geez I brought in more than that in my short (4yr) tenure at IBM and that was done as sales management kept cutting my territory and doubling my quota.

At some point, you have to know when to escape the borg.

I thought she did better than that.

Sorry but senior sales reps would have done much more. Of course, we don't know her product mix and territory size.

Bloke thrown in the cooler for eight years after 3D-printing gun to dodge weapon ban

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Re: @ yank lurker ... Gun show

3D printing?

These aren't metal printers. These are the plastic parts you can print. Most of the gun doesn't have to be that strong. Nor do you need to show a FOID card or anything to get them mail ordered.

I mean I could buy the following parts for a Ruger 10/22 without any background check:


replacement barrel

firing pin

V Block

Bolt handle

Trigger group

Scope / Scope mount (or iron sights)



The only thing that I cannot buy via the mail and which does trigger a background check is the actual receiver.

The whole 3D printing thing as being used to create untraceable guns is more of a myth than reality.

To your point. Yes... the issue is how long it will last and how safe... very valid and true.

What most of these people don't realize is that you can legally buy a blank that is 80% finished and there are kits that help you to finish making your own gun. These kits are 100% legal, and there is no serial number. The catch is that you can't transfer or sell it.

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@Eddy Re: @Jake @ yank lurker ... Gun show

Now you're getting in to ballistics.

A 5.56N will tumble on impact not to mention cavitation causing damage. At issue is how much energy is transferred to the target.

W.R.T your hunting round... the expansion will also depend on the distance to the target and the amount of energy. Its very possible at shorter distances that you don't have expansion. Again it depends on the design of the hunting round.

I agree that many do not understand the terminal effect of different ballistics.

A smaller 6.5 bullet used in a 6.5CM compared to the 7.62x51 will have more down range energy, closer to that of a .300WM. ;-)

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Re: @ yank lurker ... Gun show

Again, doesn't matter.

You do know what a wrongful death civil lawsuit is, right?

And tell that to a jury... no evidence that it was stolen, just my word. Prove I'm not lying...

Its a good way to end up in jail.

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@Dave Re: @Redpawn ... Gun show

Do you hunt?

Didn't think so.

Do you shoot as sport (clays or paper targets)? Didn't think so.

Have you ever had someone try to rob you or cause you harm?

Didn't think so.

As to owning a gun, its my 2nd Amendment right.

And its a bandwagon because those who wish to violate my constitutional right are idiots in the clown car.

You don't want to own a gun or shoot guns as sport? Its your right. But firearms are tools and when you need to protect your herd or fields from crop damage or varmints... you will have a gun or actually guns. (rifle, shotgun, .22lr rifle)

They don't have a good point. And that's something you'll never understand.

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@J Cook Re: @Redpawn ... Gun show


And of course its not just guns but cleaning supplies, targets, reloading supplies, knives, hunting gear, parts, etc ...

The problem is that many here don't understand what it takes to own a firearm.

In IL you need a FOID card just to be able to handle a gun, or purchase Ammo. Then the Federal background checks.. waiting periods... etc...

In Chicago after McDonald v. City of Chicago, you could own a handgun, however you had to go thru 16 hours of training, which had to be done outside of city limits, take the paperwork to a single police site and get electronic fingerprints. Plus pay $$ for the course and $$ for the permit that was only good for 3 years. I was about to get mine renewed when the CCW law went in to effect and Chicago dropped their permit process.

So yes, its not always easy being a legal gun owner. Especially in Chicago.

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@LDS ... Re: "Gun laws only keep law abiding citizens from owning guns."

You clearly don't know jack.

Google Zip Guns

You can make a dangerous weapon real easily and to say you want to confiscate all guns... you've never been a rancher. If you did, you'd understand the need for a trunk gun.

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@John Re: @Thom H.@ Bush Rat ...But Background Checks Don't Work!

Police getting shot by legal gun owners?

No, not really. In Chicago, there hasn't been that as an issue. I'll admit it has happened but its not frequent nor a good reason to violate the 2A.

Like I said, I live in Chicago. Have been here for the past 25+ years.

I can tell you that the gun ban didn't work. Only criminals had guns. In fact during the ban, a disgraced school administrator committed suicide 2.5 blocks away with an illegal gun.

As to gun law enforcement... sure I'm all for longer prison terms for violent criminals

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@Oengus Re: @ Bush Rat ...But Background Checks Don't Work!

1 MOA at 100yrds = 1 inch.

1 MOA at 900 yrds = 9 inches.

So 18 inch Bullseye is 2 MOA.

Camp Perry is 600 yrds w iron sights for military rifles. (There are other classifications)

As to accuracy, 900yrds is close to maximum range for accurate fire.

W a good bolt action, you can get out to 1000 yrds.

Now compare that to 300WM. Which is accurate out to 1200yrds and beyond.

6.5CM (Creedmore) is also accurate out to 1200+ yards.

Again, I have a .308, mine is scoped and semi-auto but is accurate to 1 MOA.

Its a good round.

.308 is still the standard for police snipers. However, that's changing and for the Military, while the .308 is used (including upgraded M-14s) the next gen is going to be 6.5CM For longer distances you have 300WM, .338s and of course the .50BMG.

If I had to choose between a Surgeon w 5R barrel and in a McMillian Stock in either .308 or 6.5CM? I'd take the 6.5 or a Rem .260

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Re: But Background Checks Don't Work!

As someone who actually lives in Chicago (Aurora is a suburb...)

He got a FOID card, meaning he passed the first State of IL requirement.

He then bought the gun meaning the Feds didn't catch the felony conviction.

It wasn't until he tried to get a CCW that the State of IL got his prior conviction from MS in to their system.

All the state did was send him a letter.

They never sent anyone to collect his FOID card or his pistol.

So you can cue the lawyers who would have grounds to sue the state of IL.

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Re: "Gun laws only keep law abiding citizens from owning guns."

A company actually printed a .45 caliber 1911 metal gun on a 3D printer.

Works like a charm and was a test to show that its 3D printer can build hi quality prototypes for real use.

The owner wouldn't say how much the gun cost to manufacture only that it would have been far cheaper to go to a gun store and buy a dozen .45ACP pistols.

So printed guns is more fantasy than fiction. Heck for $220 I can buy a brand new Ruger 10/22 rifle that will out perform any printed gun.

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@John Re: @Thom H.@ Bush Rat ...But Background Checks Don't Work!

Yes, that's true. And from the viewpoint of criminals, having law-abiding honest citizens armed, instead of having to wait for police to show up, is not necessarily a good thing.

Clearly you don't live in Chicago.

Did you hear about the woman who was at a bus stop, when a kid attempted to commit armed robbery?

Yeah, she had a conceal carry permit, pulled her gun and shot him... He ran away, collapsed and died from his wound.

There are other stories where law abiding citizens with CCW permits have also defended themselves or helped to stop a crime.

With respect to the Aurora shooting...

1) He was able to get his FOID card because the felony conviction was in a different state and it hadn't been propagated from Mississippi (I think) so it was never flagged.

2) When he went and purchased the gun, again the conviction wasn't in the system at the Federal level.

3) It was when he applied for a CCW that it popped up.

So the first issue is the ability of states to share data with each other and the feds.

Then the second issue... the State of IL never went after him to get the gun he owned. Its not just that there's a lack of funds, but its also a very dangerous task. You never know how they will react.

You seem to also go off on a tangent. Here the guy was going to be fired. He brought the gun in to the meeting and the minute they fired him... he started shooting.

So he had a job.

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Re: @ Bush Rat ...But Background Checks Don't Work!

A .308 (7.62 NATO) isn't that good of a round these days... Don't get me wrong. I have an M1A and its fun to shoot, but in terms of long distance accuracy... I've got an old 300WM hunting rifle and a Rem7 hunting rifle both shoot flatter and faster than the .308.

Or you could go for a 6.5CM which looks like a good replacement for the .308 shooting flatter and faster with more down field energy.

The point I was raising was that some of the street gangs also have AKs and AR-15 pistols/rifles that they use to provide heavier firepower than just pistols. But its pretty rare for them to be used. One of my wife's co-worker's son was in the wrong place at the wrong time (A robbery in a drug store) and lost his lower leg due to an AK round. (He spent almost a year in and out of a hospital trying to save it.)

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Re: There's a lot more heat than light in this thread...


I suggest you read the Federalist Papers and then the writings of Anthony Scalia on the topic.

Also if you want to play Grammar Nazi, learn to read 18th century English.

As others have already pointed out what was meant by a militia meaning any male of militia age.

There's more, but I doubt you have the intellect to comprehend it.

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First a 10" barrel is an SBR. (That requires a tax stamp)

Second the 5.56NATO is not a high powered rifle.

Now if you look at a 6.5CM or any rifle that requires a long chamber ... you have a high power rifle.

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@Jake Re: @ yank lurker ... Gun show

Damnit Pokey!

You know what I meant.

a .22lr is the same caliber bullet as a .220 Swift, or .223 NATO. Or a 22WM but if I said caliber/cartridge, do you think people would have gotten the difference.

Like a 7.62x39 vs a 7.62x51 or 7.62x55 All the same caliber but the bullet size/weight vary as well as the charge behind it.

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Re: @ yank lurker ... Gun show

Somebody stole it?

LOL... Did you file a police report and report the serial numbers?

Most do. However that doesn't stop the civil lawsuits.

Why wasn't your gun in a locked gun safe? ;-)

Again, sure you can lie but remember a civil lawsuit is much different from a criminal case.

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Re: @Redpawn ... Gun show

Actually you can.

Many moons ago at a fair where people were selling antiques and what not, A guy was selling his .30-06 hunting rifle. It would have been a private sale.

Today, We would have gone to a local gun store to do the background check. Its done for the protection of both parties.

But again, most criminals do not buy at gun shows.

They could via strawman purchases, but even those could go thru gun stores as well.

That's how they catch the so called 'hobyists' who buy from stores and sell via private sales.

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@Thom H.Re: @ Bush Rat ...But Background Checks Don't Work!

Again you really don't know much about Chicago and the fact that between the two Mayor Daleys (father and son) It was illegal to be in possession of a handgun within city limits. Unless you were law enforcement, active military, or an Alderman.

This was true until the SCOTUS case McDonald v. City of Chicago where the Chicago law was struct down. (Then Daley made it extremely difficult to get a handgun. I know because I went thru the process)

Gun laws only keep law abiding citizens from owning guns. Criminals don't care.

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@Milton ... Re: @ Bush Rat ...But Background Checks Don't Work!

Actually there are quite a few AKs and variants.

Not to mention US made AKs...

So yes, there are a lot of weapons that fire a 7.62x39mm round floating around Chicago.

If you don't believe me, check the police reports.

Ian Michael Gumby Silver badge


To answer your question...

Only the sate of IL has what is known as a FOID card. You cannot be in possession or buy ammo without presenting the FOID card.

Other states, you can buy ammo without any checks.

Ian Michael Gumby Silver badge

@ yank lurker ... Re: Gun show

The only time you don't do a background check in a private sale is when its to a family member.

That said.. if you are selling to a stranger... or even a friend... you take the sale to the local gun store. Most charge $25.00 that you can add to the price of the gun.

Only an idiot doesn't do this because of the potential liability for either criminal charges or civil wrongful death lawsuit if the gun is used in a crime.

And to your point... the background checks did work in this instance.

The 3D printing... you can do a lot, but you still need certain parts. Also it depends on the caliber of the weapon. Printing .22lr and using metal parts... you may be ok. Trying that with a 5.56 or larger rounds... Boom. No Bueno.

Ian Michael Gumby Silver badge

@Redpawn ... Re: @Redpawn ... Gun show

Wow your ignorance is truly astonishing.

Again, I gave you the legal answer about what happens at a gun show.

If the person selling has an FFL, they must complete a background check. Many gun shows now have a booth where you can get one done for a fee.

Even with a private sale, there are still rules.

You have to check the person's driver's license. If they are from out of state, you cannot legally sell them a hand gun, private sale or not.

And no, you can't claim that your selling is a hobby. Already there are cases where people have been charged with selling without an FFL and they tried the 'hobby claim'. It doesn't fly.

And while I am not a member of the NRA or ILRA, I am a legal gun owner and very familiar with the gun laws in IL, WI, IN, OH, SC and AZ. (other state laws too)

Oh and if you had done your homework the guns used in the killings on Chicago streets are not coming in via 'gun show loopholes) Nor did the gun that killed the police commander (actually the district where I live) come from a gun show... The Wisconsin man who sold the gun was charged in a crime from the sale.

Do you really want to continue to show your ignorance?

Ian Michael Gumby Silver badge

@ Bush Rat ...Re: But Background Checks Don't Work!

You have no clue about the US and its patchwork of gun laws.

As someone who is a legal firearms owner living in Chicago, I can easily tell you about the gun laws in Chicago, Crook County , and the state of IL along with the latest round of stupidity.

I can also tell you the gun laws in IN, WI, OH and AZ. Also SC. (Other states too...)

The issue of gun violence has nothing to do with background checks or the dangerous looking black rifles.

In Chicago... we have had over 500 shooting deaths per year that are for the most part from handguns. (Only a handful of shootings involved 5.56 NATO or 7.62x39mm rounds)

Of those shootings. 99% of the guns were either illegally bought/sold on the street, or passed around through the gangs.

Ian Michael Gumby Silver badge

@Redpawn ... Re: Gun show

That's not completely true.

First, if the seller at the gun show is an FFL holder, they must complete a background check. This is the law.

If you're doing a private sale... it depends on the firearm. If its a pistol, you are obligated to check to see if the individual has a valid drivers license for the state. You cannot sell a handgun or purchase a handgun from a different state. Long guns are a different matter.

Also if you're selling a firearm, you want to go to a local gun store and have them run an Federal check and complete the sale. (There's a charge for this, however its minimal considering the alternatives.)

So please get your gun facts straight.

We just had a shooting here in the Chicago areal (Aurora IL...home to Wayne and Garth)

Already idiots are jumping on the gun grabbing bandwagon ...

Ian Michael Gumby Silver badge

Re: And here's the kicker...

Actually even convicted felons who have served their sentence may be able to own guns again.

It depends on what he or she was convicted ... So in general yes, convicted felons can't own firearms. but its not a universal truth.

Solder and Lego required: The Register builds glorious Project Alias gizmo to deafen Alexa

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Re: I'm curious...

You're the 'man in the middle' so you should be able to break the handshake...

But really, that was just me going a step to far. The point was that you'd drop the packets from Alexa until your device said it was ok not to filter them.

Ian Michael Gumby Silver badge

I'm curious...

Why not put in a packet filter that cuts out all traffic back to Amazon unless you utter the magic phrase.

I mean its wireless but it has to go to your wi-fi router which then goes to your network where you can do real time packet filtering.

And instead of just dropping them... see what they contain. ;-)

Ian Michael Gumby Silver badge

@AC ... Re: If I was to have one

You could DYI some kit to do this without going thru Google or Amazon...

Amazon triples profit to $11.2bn, pays ZERO DOLLARS in corp tax – instead we pay it $129m

Ian Michael Gumby Silver badge

@Charles 9

The law?

In the past companies could do this via an inverted merger. The US company 'merges' with a foreign shell company and moves HQ outside of the US.

The US Government changed the laws making this unattractive.

At the same time... there are other things that also make it unattractive.

Right now, money earned outside the US and not repatriated is not taxed in the US. But that's a different story.

Head of Apple's insider trading program charged with… you guessed it... insider trading

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He's stupid.

He could have taken a hedge and made money that way without triggering any alarm bells.

Texas lawyer suing Apple over FaceTime bug claims it was used to snoop on a meeting

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Re: @AC Can he actually provide proof that the Facetime bug actually caused him a problem?

Yup that's what I'm saying.

Ian Michael Gumby Silver badge

@ Evil Auditor .... Re: @ Donn Bly I guess this is going to be tossed out

Sorry no, it doesn't work that way.

The paragraph is boilerplate language to up the ante for damages.

Its standard for a lawyer to not represent himself but to have another lawyer represent him. Same too for a judge. (Yes I've seen it happen.) The reason being is that a lawyer has a belief in their client being innocent and what the client claims to be true is true. So he can say things and if he says something that isn't true... he misspoke. Lawyers also are known for bluffing. Its not a lie until they get called out for it being a lie.

Prior to going to trial, Apple would have the right to depose the lawyer. That's where his case falls apart.

Ian Michael Gumby Silver badge

Re: Bad manners...

He may not have even heard his phone ring.

A face time call could be connected before you get the notification. You may not even hear a ding or even notice that your phone is on.

But it would record the event in a log which is easily documented.

Ian Michael Gumby Silver badge

@AC Re: Can he actually provide proof that the Facetime bug actually caused him a problem?

Depends on state and law. Unlike the UK, many US laws don't need evidence of loss in order to be heard.

Uhm no.

Its pretty universal in the US.

The plaintiff has to show harm in order to claim damages.

What will happen is that Apple will file a motion to dismiss (possibly w prejudice) because his complain is deficient. He could then respond to the motion by arguing that he did have harm and file an affidavit explaining the harm. The judge then decides after meeting them in court or in chambers.

To be clear, the guy has to be able to show harm otherwise it gets tossed. Note: There's a lot of latitude in a civil case.

Ian Michael Gumby Silver badge

@ Donn Bly Re: I guess this is going to be tossed out

Actually we know the meeting was recorded. (It was a deposition.) ;-)

Looks like you did a bit of digging... but just a few corrections...

1) He has a lawyer, even though he is a lawyer. This is done because he lawyer can make statements tat he could not make since he's the plaintiff. (Lawyers tend to 'misspeak' but do not lie. ;-P )

2) Its already a court case. He's filed a complaint with the court.

That said, he'll have to submit an affidavit of his versions of the facts.

If he's caught lying, it could be perjury if they can show intent.

Is it grounds for disbarment? Possibly, but not necessarily.

3) The paragraph about continued harm is verbatim text from a personal injury template. Its there as a way to up the award or settlement. It has no bearing on the case one way or another until he wins at trial or Apple wants to settle.

4) Yeah, we know its going to get tossed. The question is if its tossed w prejudice or not. If not, if he's dumb enough to refile the judge may allow it. As it stands, his complaint is on the surface deficient because he doesn't state any actual harm only the possibility that it could have happened. (Sue your car manufacturer over a defective airbag because you learned that it was defective even though you had it replaced before it caused harm...)

While guys like this shouldn't be allowed to practice law, they do. I know of a lawyer that suborned perjury. Of course I can't prove it. I just know and if I had to, could prove that a person who signed the affidavit did in fact perjure herself but it won't come to that. So that lawyer is still practicing law today.

Apple will not settle. They will get it tossed, hopefully with prejudice. And then they will move on. It will cost them maybe $500 or $1,000 USD by a junior lawyer or their in house counsel.

Ian Michael Gumby Silver badge

Re: I guess this is going to be tossed out

The short answer is maybe it will get tossed.

We are hearing about this second hand. Unless we see the actual complaint, we don't know for sure.

That said, on the surface, his complaint is deficient. You are correct in that he fails to show that harm did occur and if it did, his second complaint is how he is further impaired in his future work.

Unlike a criminal case, in a civil case, there is more latitude. Meaning he doesn't have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt but that its more than likely this happened. In a deposition, you have your side and the guy being deposed has their lawyers and either someone taking dictation. (legal court reporter) Or its being videoed.

The first hurdle that we don't see in the reporting of the complaint is that the deposition was in fact leaked.

The second is that there is a reasonableness in that neither party discussed the deposition, and the third is to show continued harm.

I agree that this complaint will get tossed but he could in theory amend it if he can show actual damages and the likelihood that he was bugged.

I've seen lawyers like this and I've seen bad judges actually buy in to their lies.

Apple has deep enough pockets that they can and will get this tossed and could even bring sanctions against the guy.

Ad-tech industry: GDPR complaint is like holding road builders to account for traffic violations

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Re: How we view this in the USA

You should have used a 'troll' image.

You do realize that even the 'American Indian' was actually an immigrant too.

Just saying and keeping it real.

Using the alien because as we all know... Homo-sapiens wiped out the indigenous people that the pan dimensional folks created as part of their Deep Thought experiment. That's an Arthur Dent reference if you aren't up on your Science Fiction...

Chang'e 4 wakes and Yutu 2 stretches its solar panels for another day... on the friggin' MOON

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Re: Fine article but

Have a look at the masthead... "Biting the hand that feeds IT". Everything is open season here.

Including your mom? :-P Hey! Oh!

Sorry couldn't resist. Its been one of those days here in frostbite falls formerly known as Chicago.

Apple: You can't sue us for slowing down your iPhones because you, er, invited us into, uh, your home... we can explain

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Re: Interesting argument

If you hired a builder to refit your bathroom and they decided to trash your kitchen, that'd be criminal damage.

Sounds like you're pleading guilty Apple. Maybe you should get better lawyers?


Now you know why California legalized Marijuana to help these lawyers get creative.

PSA: Disable FaceTime. Miscreants can snoop on your iPhone, Mac mic before you pick up call

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Patch is already out...

The Patch is already out, just need to manually check for updates.

I studied hard, I trained for years. Yay, now I'm an astronaut in space. Argggh, leukemia!

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Kinda makes sense...

The researchers are unsure why old-timers – one participant had spent a whopping 340 days in space – had stronger immune systems compared to first-timers in space. It could be down to age, or the stresses of adapting to a new, unfamiliar environment.

There's that old saying... "If it doesn't kill you, it will make you stronger".

So repeated exposure to space would help your immune system from degenerating in space.

So we should be shuttling candidates routinely up and down from ISS as part of their training....

Oof, are you sure? Facing $9bn damages, Google asks Supreme Court to hear Java spat

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Re: Root for?

While I think Google's argument is probably correct, I would feel slimy rooting for them. And rooting for Oracle? EWWWW.

While I agree that both companies should lose for well... being Oracle and Google... one has to win.

Google's argument is wrong and a stretch.

Even with copyrights you have fair use. What Google did was not fair use. By their own admission it was to avoid paying Oracle royalties for Sun's JVM.

Ian Michael Gumby Silver badge

@Lee D Re: Wash, rinse, and repeat.

Uhm No.

You are right that Google has to have a reason for the appeal.

Their argument is that there was an earlier case over spreadsheets where SCOTUS split and the lower court's ruling stood, however not all courts agreed with it so they think that this case would be a good precedence and that if they believed in the lower court's ruling ... SCOTUS should overturn the lower court in this case.

That said... Google's argument is weak.

IMHO with the conservative bent in this SCOTUS... if they decide to hear it.. it will still go against Google.

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