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PC tune-up software: does it really work?

Neil Skinner


What about switching off some services using services.msc typed in run dialog?

Use Black Viper list to see which ones you can turn off , if any doubt switch to manual.



How can I get better browsing with a smartphone?

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N800 paired with 6120 HSDPA

I have an N800 paired via Btooth with a Nokia 6120 classic on 3 network.

Fast 3.5 G connection in most locations and very easy to setup.

I can also use phone as a modem with my laptop with the Nokia software.

(You arent actually supposed to use the 6120 as a modem but 3 do not seem to be able to check what you are using it for so yah boo sucks to them.)

Call plan and free data is about £ 25 / month and phone was free.

New OS2008 on N800 is now much faster / more stable (and comes as standard on N810).

I use for web browsing in front of telly and checking gmail.

Screen has good resolution but is a little small for extended use.

I take it when I travel and it is just about useable for business emails and keeping in touch but lack of keyboard is a killer (not an issue on N810).

Battery life is also woeful when using HSDPA on 6120. Make sure you pack a charger.

Asus eee seems such good value and it may be a more usaable option although not pocket sized.

No btooth though so make sure you can connect a phone by wire (6120 needs Nokias software to run - not sure if Linux version?)

Personally I would wait to see if they release a larger screen version in the coming months.

Hope this helps.



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