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Avira antivirus patched but still not fully Windows 8 ready

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Or, you know... they could get off their lazy arses and test their products against the early builds of new OSes. One of hte main reasons Microsoft releases early versions. Then if it doesn't work or causes major crashes, they could block their products from being installed onto those OSes until they were ready. Instead of keeping quiet, letting customers try the software, and then have angry customers with dead machines.

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MSE has been rolled into Windows Defender and is now included out of the box with Windows 8. If you used MSE before, there now no need to download a separate AV product on the new platform.

Pre-ordered a Microsoft Surface? So SORRY it's late, have a voucher

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Well MS haven't even sent me a shipment email to say it's been shipped yet, and the status still says the exact same that it did when I ordered it on the 16th.

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Got mine today, delivered by UPS. The Microsoft Store website still says "Order In Process" though, which is a really poor demonstration of Microsoft's competence. Regarding the product itself though, I am very impressed with it :)

Ryan Spooner

Got mine! :)

My original email said the 26th, but better late than never I got it this morning. Very happy with it :) Spent the £50 voucher buying a boxed copy of Windows 8.

MS 'disappointed' with Xbox Live connectivity woes

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Reply to "PSN @ Xmas"

Gary, that's because the 9 or 10 Playstation 3 owners weren't enough to overwhelm the service.


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