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Disintegrating wind turbine caught on camera


Windmill and solar power is dangerous!!!

We must replace them all with atomic reactors RIGHT NOW! as the people who stand to make billions out of their construction tell us that they'll NEVER go wrong!! As for those deadly solar panels!!!!! ;-))


UK.gov New Year resolution: must build nuke powerplants

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Atomic power is not carbon free!

Nuclear Power is hopelessly inflexible, and cannot respond to changes in demand, the French get around this by buying and selling electricity to all their neighbors, all we are surrounded by is lots of windy coast lines, so the answer is obvious. Build the turbines, power the grid and make hydrogen, and let all the current power stations that will have to support the grid until all the new nukes come on line, throttle back when the wind is blowing, saving us a bundle of carbon emissions in the process. Atomic power needs spinning reserves to deal with load changes, so we might as well use those same spinning reserves as part of our use of cheap and plentiful wind power. It is a myth that atomic power is carbon free, it isn't.

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