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4G iPod Nano spied on web


new stuff -perhaps even a new story

New Nano (including 16GB), New touch, new itunes (8), new firmware (2.1) surely a story for el reg somehere

Paris because she'd prefer a long thin nano to a short fat one

Pinnacle Video Transfer


I think I'll wait for the hauppauge hd pvr thanks

Not terribly inspiring really the HD PVR wiill do all this AND compress 1080i for $250 (OK it sends H264 down USB to a computer) but that's what I'm waiting for.

O2 says 128Kb/s is all its 3G customers need

Thumb Up

Roll on the 3G iphone

So if the 3G iphones is "launched in 60 days" as pundits suggested this week then to get it to work at a decent speed I'll have to put my tmobile card in it (after unlocking it of course). Cool. Well done O2.

A. Nerd Esq.

Nintendo Wii hack opens door to homebrew games


wake up nintendo

Nintendo are in danger of so spectatcularly failing to meet customer demand that punters willing to buy legitimate software are forced to buy pirated stuff because the legit stuff is not available. I may well have to buy a £15 modchip (sold by Amazon!) so that my children's legitimate (US) wii game will play!

Nintendo could preempt much of this demand by relaxing controls on reasonably purchased software ie allowing US games on UK consoles.

Apple have seeen that if they try to impose unreasonable controls on the iphone there will be a revolt amongst purchasers to circumvent constraints.

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