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Boffin stacks 16 PS3s to simulate black hole collisions


Joe Cooper:

"If developers are going to try to target multiple platforms, that will only make it less likely that a bizarre architecture will be utilized effectively."

Lucasarts just announced they'll develop Games for PS3 first and then downport them to X360, didn't you hear?


Which is just another sign that the X360 is going down the drain.. Especially now that the HD-wars are over and BD has won, and that RROD-disaster is *still* going on.. Oh, btw: PS3 has just passed the X360 worldwide minus America -> www.vgchartz.com

Wii passed them long ago, and PS3-Market share keeps growing slowly but steadily! ;-)

Also, there are finally some really good games already out or coming really soon: Burnout Paradise, Motostorm, Uncharted, Resistance, UT3, CoD4 (already here), LittleBigPlanet, Killzone2, GT5 (coming soon)

Okay, Lair and Heavenly Sword weren't as good as expected, and Assassins Creed was merely good, but well, it won't kill the platform! ;-)

And while it may be fun, the Wii isn't included in the regular crossplatform development plans anyway (just not possible, it would "drag down" the graphical quality for the other systems too much!), due to a way different control scheme, target group and hardware that's too weak. Mind you, it's not too weak for fun games, and I'm not saying there won't be great games for it, they'll just be different games than the regular x-platform titles. If that's an advantage or disadvantage remains to be seen, but here this question is irrelevant! ;-)

"You can't really brush this off by saying graphics aren't important because if graphics aren't important, than the Playstation 3 has no competitive advantage against the cheaper to buy, cheaper to develop for Nintendo Wii or X-Box 360."

Gee, i keep hearing this about the cheaper-to develop-for Wii (not X360, when they say this game studios mean primarily content generation, and that is *exactly* as work-intensive as for PC or PS3!). But can anyone finally please explain to me why Wii-games cost EXACTLY the same as PS3- and X360-Games then? What happened to all that "easier to develop, so games will be cheaper"? Is Nintendo raking in all the extra money?

It's a bit like this whole "HD-DVD is way cheaper to produce because we can use DVD-manufacturing lines" BS - Where exactly were HDDVDs cheaper than BDs?


Celeb spills beans on new Apple notebook

Jobs Horns

Joe: "Right tool for the job"

I've heard the "right tool for the job"-logic time and time again, even from Linus Torvalds himself..

But it's just WRONG, *especially* coming from the guy that made Linux, the broadest collection of software made by people who did NOT use this "best tool for the job" reasoning but rather preferred to make their own tools instead of just running Windows plus the respective programs and be done with it!

Mplayer, VLC, Thunderbird, Firefox, ffmpeg and countless other successful and great FOSS-projects would NEVER have been made if everyone just always used "the right tool for the job" logic!...

And there's another thing to keep in mind: I always say, that for everyone using Windows without even LOOKING at alternatives, there has to be someone who deliberately does NOT use Windows, even when it may be the best tool for the job - Just to keep the balance and competition! ;-)

Jobs Horns


AC: How 'bout having some competition for Intel? AMD is not an option, and this means I have already bought my last Mac...

Besides: If I have to spend $80 on an AMD-PC that is perfectly capable of running OS X (including more than decent 3D gfx), it's kinda hard justifying shelling out $1300 just for a shiny Apple-Logo... Or $600 for crappy chipset gfx, if that actually floats your boat! ;-)

Webster: Good listing of all of Apples serial defects... Apple's laptop quality has so seriously degraded since the last Pismos (and maybe the first white iBooks) that I always force people to get Applecare with their Apple-notebooks - and guess what: It has ALWAYS, ALWAYS paid off to get it, because _every_single_one_ broke multiple times for no reason....



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