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Sociologists: Studying engineering turns you into a terrorist



Do people realise that hard line religious fundamentalists tend to steer clear of religious studies and philosophy subjects - to them, they consider those two subjects, subjects of the devil. So what do they do? they take 'hard subjects' which don't challenge their rigid beliefs. That is why there are so many taking engineering. Nothing to do with the mind set of engineers.

Three Little Pigs book deemed offensive to Muslims


Pathetic, really is

My perspective (I'm a Muslim myself), this is pathetic. Political correctness gone mad to satisfy white middle class guilt of a few. Its a friggin story about a pig - no one forcing you to eat bacon!

Man uses mobe as modem, rings up £27k phone bill


I would be asking

Justify the amount - sure, I'd pay the amount, but I would demand that they justify the pricing - disclose to me the costs.

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