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Key internet address server sees spike in traffic

Colin Dijkgraaf

http://dns.icann.org/ traffic

Yes, that is the L root server and if you look at the weeks range by Node you can see that it has a lot heavier load over the last day and a bit as well, it starts spiking at the end of the 28th.

The spike is in IPv4 traffic for A type queries.

What is interesting is that it appears to be from two subnets responsible.

The subnet (country code AU) as that has gone from a mean query rate of 300 q/s (a week ago) to 1500 q/s this week

The subnet (country code IN) has gone from about 300 q/s to 900 q/s

Also the recursion desired has gone from less than 1000 to just under 4000.


Vigilante attack sheep guard British village

Colin Dijkgraaf

Sounds like a good plot for a movie

oh wait, there already is one




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