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PC sales continue meteoric death plunge through 3rd quarter, drop another 8.6 per cent

Harlan Grove

All this fuss about Lenovo, HP and Dell. For me the Samsung ATIV Books look better. There's no chance I'd consider any Windows 8.x tablet rather than a 15" or larger clamshell laptop.

Gimme a tablet running ChromeOS, and I might jump. Otherwise, no interest in tiny screen tablets. Samsung again a possible answer with the Galaxy Note 3, but I'll wait for them to drop the faux leather.

HP rocks Redmond with webOS PC play

Harlan Grove

no more synergy

MSFT Office used to sell Windows, at least in the workplace. No longer. MSFT tried to make IIS/IE the only practical web server/browser combo, but they failed. Now that they have to live with common web standards, IE isn't necessary either. If all an OS really needs to run is a browser, and any of the top 5 browsers would do, the OS has become a commodity. MSFT is likely to find it difficult to adjust to commodity pricing for Windows.

Anyone else think this is HP's not-too-subtle way of asking MSFT just how much of a reduction can MSFT would give on Windows OEM license costs?

Microsoft's KIN is dead, long live Windows Phone 7

Harlan Grove

making money

If it weren't for the Xbox, I'd think MSFT needed a monopoly to be able to make money.

Shame the break-up didn't happen back when MSFT lost their antitrust case. The Windows and Office companies would likely still be going strong, but the others would have died off by now.

Microsoft pushes Office 2007 with 'try-before-you-buy'

Harlan Grove

Just what the home user needs!

Don't know where me, the wife and the kids would be without SharePoint and SQL Server integration. And thank God for Groove work groups - couldn't get the kids to do their chores without it.

Microsoft needs 'off switch'

Harlan Grove

not cynical enough

It only takes a Passport ID to download the beta, and Microsoft knows how easy it is for people to collect practically anonymous Passport IDs. However, if Microsoft makes people pay, they get real ID info.


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