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Vista sets 2007 land-speed record for copying and deleting

Thomas Weeks

Vista Copies Files to the Registry now since there is no WinFS ;)

You know.. I just don't understand why people hold their breath and continue using MS' involuntary beta testing program (aka "The latest Windows desktop"). I mean they're obviously using their massive desktop install base as a giant beta test pool for their server grade products that always come out the following year with the major bugs fixed. Likewise.. this is also why you see all the big scary SPs roll out first to the lowly desktops.. the screaming and gnashing of teeth, and then, later, when they've fixed most of their fixes, to their production server install base. They're doing what Novell and Red Hat have been doing for years with their crap-free vs commercial distros, only MS is actually charging for the crap desktop test loads too!

Microsoft clearly has too much code to maintain and internally test themselves now, and it's really starting to show. Sooner or later they're going to have to start relying on the open source model just as Red hat and Novell have embraced... use the public/free open source side as their fast turn around/bug fix engine to push solid, tested, fixed code into their flagship supported product(s). No, MS will probably never embrace the GPL open source license, but they better do something quick... They're having problems just keeping up with open source based competition (OSX built atop BSD, Linux et al, Open Sournce phone distros, Google OS, etc). Even back to 2003 to now Linux was out pacing MS with native support for things like:

-Mt Mt. Reiner CD/DVD packetized "on the fly" writing

-Buffer stack overflow protection (stack protection & no-execute bit feature)

-Native MAC security (e.g. seLinux)

-Native 3D Desktop Acceleration (xgl and glx + compiz, etc)

the list goes on and on...

Get a clue Microsoft... The "idea" of Open Source is out of the bag and thriving... and it's moving waaay faster (and better) than you are. With regards to you and your closed/SaS business model -- simply put,

"Open Source" = "The world is smarter than you."

Either learn and internalize this truth or die fighting it.




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