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Serious Flash vulns menace at least 10,000 websites

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Adobe Does Evil

Sad to say, Adobe is overtaking Microsoft as the new "evil doer." I love Flash and have been a proponent of it since it was in beta in 95. However, it has always been prone to the the anti-consumer arrogance of Macromedia Shockwave developers and the cult of the CD interface designer ("developer knows best").

Today, the truth is, Flash is far behind other web technologies in accepting responsibility for opening up its platform. Even the most simple changes would help tremendously.

For example, compare the pathetically small number of user options that appear when you right click a flash object in a browser to the wide number of options you have when right clicking on other web page objects such as images. Flash gives you nothing by comparison - you can't view source code, you can't disable, you can't save -- the list goes on. By comparison, you can't do a damn thing. The RIAA couldn't have done a better job of locking up content.

The evil bottomline: Adobe doesn't trust end users. So why should we trust Adobe? This goes to core brand values in the corporate culture and will affect shareholder equity.



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